The Top 9 “Do’s and Don’ts” of Website SEO

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According to the algorithm of the search engines, SEO will continue to win all kinds of important strategies. No matter the updates, SEO will always play an important role in a website’s performance.

Along with many other things, SEO has its own bad and good sides. Every SEO practice is an experience for a brand, so having the most information will only help you avoid potential errors.

Image by janjf93 from Pixabay

There are many reasons why someone should take good care of Website SEO:

1. SEO builds credibility– Being trusted by people is a hard thing to do. It requires a lot of commitment to provide quality service.

2. It’s a good business investment – Taking care of SEO is cheap. It doesn’t require crazy costs, instead, it deserves a great attention.

3. It boosts website traffic and grows a better user experience – People can find you easier when searching on Google or other search engines.

Here’s a list of the top 9 “Do’s and Don’ts” of website SEO:


DO – Focus on correct content creation. Take good care of the grammar and correct writing. People love reading flawless articles that enrich their knowledge. Use true information by properly doing researches and being unique in your own way. One of the best solutions to writing correctly is Grammarly. At the moment, we’re using the Premium Plan of Grammarly, to prevent any typo or maybe, major mistakes related to sayings and expressions.

DO – Make researches before even deciding on the title.

DO – Find relevant keywords. If there’s something extremely important to a website is the right keyword research. We’re currently using Keywords Planner, powered by Google Ads and also, Keywords Everywhere, a downloadable browser extension that shows real-time keyword traffic.

DO – Add in-page links. Internal links are one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Links that lead to the exact same web page are highly recommended. They help boost the reader’s interests and also, they can raise your content’s discoverability.

DO – Make the website mobile-friendly. Tons of mobile users prefer to read and get real-time information on their mobiles. A mobile-friendly website will help build trust, enhance your visibility, drive a lot of attention, and allow readers to contact you (or even become potential customers) fast.

Image by janjf93 from Pixabay


DON’T – Copy content/media from other websites without the proper copyright permissions.

DON’T – Use the same titles per different paragraphs. You don’t want to seem spammy and make a wrong impression to search engines itself or get readers easily bored.

DON’T – Focus on content only. Visuals are known to be important. According to a previous article on Publer, visuals are the best way to represent a specific service or tool. Visuals help the audience remember and understand better any kind of information you want to share. Also, they help save a lot of time – what’s better than a video that explains everything in detail?

Too much text will distract the readers. Regardless if you’re using bullet points or not, people want to see tons of media to get curious.

DON’T – Let your page load too slow. Instead, take some platforms into consideration and try to optimize media. We on Publer are currently using ezGIF to optimize all photos, videos, and Gifs we attach to each article on Publer’s Blog.

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