Top Social Media Designing Tools according to Publer


Are you perplexed on which are the best social media designing tools for your various publishing platforms? After thoroughly reviewing the most used and talked about in the digital industry, we come with a list of the top solutions for you:

1. Canva
2. VistaCreate
3. Snapa
4. Desygner
6. GoDaddy
7. Meme Generator

Canva – Image might be subject to Copyright

1. Canva

Started as a project to help students with easy designing, now canva counts over 60 million active subscribers every month. Launched in 2013, this tool counts over 7 billion created designs.

You can transform your digital photos and graphics into original design products for free! Thanks to its impeccable intuitive interface, it is the most used designing program by many. Bloggers, web editors and marketing managers looking for captivating and engaging “contents” for their visual content strategies turn to Canva as their solution.  

Canva offers many numerous and important features in designing such as:

– Image Cropper
– Adding Text to Photos
– Text Animation
– Pre-ready Templates
– Adding Texture
– Video Resizing
– Canva Live
– Online Video Recorder
– Video Merging
– Video Transitions- PDF editing and converting

All users have unlimited downloads on the free plan, but the Pro one offers much more templates, photos, animation styles, storage, etc. Its ease of use, and its popularity and all its fantastic features are the reason why we at Publer decided to integrate this tool to our platform. Our users can create and schedule all their posts directly from Publer.

VistaCreate – Image might be subject to Copyright

2. VistaCreate (Crello)

Not long ago we were deciding which were the main designing tools we would feature in our platform to help our users create unique posts. Upon great request one of the most voted tools was VistaCreate.

This is why not only we integrated this tool but we also offer to our subscribers most of VistaCreate PRO features for free on our platform. To access all video editing features you have to be part of our Arum plan.

The same way as Canva, Vista Create was made to facilitate the designing process for non professional graphic designers. You will find many features similar to Canva such as editing, photos or images, designing animations and videos and you can also add audio to your creations. This makes Vista a favorite one, when users need to create animated posts.

Snappa – Image might be subject to Copyright

3. Snappa

Also suitable for those who are not graphic designers, Snappa was born in 2015 with the aim of simplifying the creation of graphics. It stands out especially for its incredible ease of use but still maintaining a large number of tools and functions that can be used to create very engaging images. This is their motto: “Create online graphics in a snap.”

Furthermore, being highly integrated with the world of social media, it allows for a super efficient workflow. In fact, as with the other two tools above, it will be possible to find pre-set formats for the major social networks such as: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Whereas Snappa is largely chosen as easier to use and offers the option to remove images backgrounds on its free plan, it has lesser templates and offers only 3 downloads on its free plan.

Desygner – Image might be subject to Copyright

4. Desygner

Desygner is marketed as an easy-to-use design tool for non-designers. It’s aimed at bloggers, content writers, social media marketers, and others who might have some design work but don’t necessarily need expensive or don’t have the skills to use them.

It’s an online tool that can help you produce flyers, posters, social media graphics, banner ads, logos, colorful calls to action, and other graphics for use on the web or in print. It caters to your printing materials, which help users to import texts and images in different formats. This way each file is ready-made for printing. – Image might be subject to Copyright


Infographics are perfect tools for conveying information and data analytics on the web, even if it requires significant planning and powerful graphic design skills to create a compelling image.

For those who don’t have these skills or even advanced design softwares, could be a very useful way to start off with infographic design. It provides several dozen infographics that you can choose as a template to get started. Themes are based on how users want to convey data. For example, compare and contrast, statistics by geographic area, chronological information, or simple point-by-point information.

GoDaddy – Image might be subject to Copyright

6. GoDaddy

Are you looking for social media designing tools that forges amazing stories? GoDaddy offers a qualitative graphic library including brushes, icons, backgrounds, patterns and a myriad of designs perfect for your Instagram stories but also for different projects such as promotional images for Facebook, flyers and much more.

Most creators choose it to prepare unique stories for their channels but GoDaddy is an all-round graphic creation tool and it is extremely powerful and simple to use. The Unsplash, Pixabay and GoDaddy Video (Pro only) libraries are available directly from the tool.

Meme Generator – Image might be subject to Copyright

7. Meme Generator

What is a social channel without memes? Memes are real catchphrases that spread quickly on the Web, very often due to their funny and frivolous nature, which facilitates sharing and dissemination.

We suggest Meme Generator as the easiest tool to create your funny posts. It provides quick access to the most popular memes of the moment. Unlike some of the meme creating websites online, it enables easy repositioning of texts within the image.


These are social media designing tools that usually offer a library with pre-set templates and therefore do not require any prior technical knowledge to function efficiently. Furthermore, unlike tools like Photoshop, you don’t need to install any software on your device: you can do everything from your browser.

Bonus: If you don’t feel like paying for an Adobe Creative Suite license just to use Photoshop, you could try alternative online platforms like PicMonkey or Pixelied to create device mockups or other types of social media graphics!

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