Top Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand in 2022


In this article, you will find the top social media sites, and deeply understand which ones are the best to promote your business in.

Online Presence, Brand Awareness, Online Marketing Campaigns, these are all important factors and strategies to help your business evolve and grow, but do you have any idea where is the best place to promote your type of goods and services?


List of top social media sites for your business

We at Publer, know a few things about social media platforms and posting. So we decided to gather our specialist and create a special proposal for your enterprise. 

Here is a list of the main social media platforms to best serve your brand.


Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA

Launched in 2010, 2 billion Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 25-34 years old

In just three years, Instagram has doubled its user base, reaching 2 billion.
Are you planning on targeting youngsters under 35 years old? If your goods and services are dedicated to this age pool, Instagram is the perfect social media platform at the moment. Through posts and especially reels, you have all the chances to thrive, especially if you are starting with a small page. This is because at the moment Instagram is favoring new creators.

Since adding shoppable posts in 2018, product-based businesses have had greater potential ROI than ever. B2B companies can interact with a sizable audience and they can also link product details and sales directly from the Instagram feed.


Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA

Launched in 2004, 2.9 billion Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 25 – 34

You may engage with clients and provide essential details about your company, goods, and services, as well as future events, by creating a Facebook Business Page. Reaching new clients is made simple and efficient with Facebook and Messenger ads.

As the biggest and most well-known social media platform globally, Facebook is a great place for businesses to start when developing their social media strategy. Facebook has the most robust collection of commercial tools and exposes your company to the largest audience of all social networks.



Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Launched in 2006, 396.5 million Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 25 -34

Twitter is a great platform for businesses to engage with and reach a new audience because it has hundreds of millions of active users. It is a preferred social media platform for companies to successfully engage with their fans and clients. Twitter has been used by businesses of all sizes to expand their operations.

The fact that advertising a product on Twitter is so inexpensive encourages companies to use it to promote their goods and services. Additionally, creating and maintaining a Twitter company presence is really simple. Let’s find out how.


Headquarters: San Bruno, California

Launched in 2005, 2.6 billion Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 18 – 24

You can reach a global audience using YouTube. It enables you to make playlists centered around particular subjects that are pertinent to your target audience. Your brand can have a wide audience with properly optimized videos, which can aid in the accomplishment of your marketing goals.

After Facebook, YouTube has developed into the second-most popular social media network in the world since its launch in 2005.

In terms of search engine traffic, YouTube is second only to its parent company, Google. With more than 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is an effective tool for businesses looking to establish an online presence and increase their exposure.


Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA

Launched in 2003, 830 million Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 25-34

Linkedin, a community where you will find business owners and a network base to reach potential clients who are eager for new prospects. You should know that images on LinkedIn posts receive twice as much interaction as plain text ones.

Every article serves as a kind of billboard for your company, so make sure it’s clear, consistent, and catered to the needs of your readers. You should also feel free to use some eye-catching images to draw readers into your world.

More than 50% of LinkedIn users are adults between the ages of 25 and 34.
57% of them identify as men and the remaining 43% as women. Brands find high rates of engagements between each other as this is one of the best platforms in generating B2B leads. Furthermore, over 70% of users are located outside of the US, giving your brand the opportunity to be known globally.
LinkedIn should play a significant role in your brand marketing plan.


Headquarters: Santa Monica, California

Launched in 2011, 514 million Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 18 – 24

Marketers have the chance to interact with their audience on Snapchat in real-time while they are out and about. It works especially well for interactive storytelling and regional promotions.

More than 30 minutes are spent on the app daily by users, who watch 18 billion videos. You should think about getting this multimedia messaging software for this reason!

By joining Snapchat, your company may increase its following and establish direct contact with both potential and current customers. Younger audiences could become aware of your company’s name and your goods or services. After all, marketers need to pay attention to millennials. This generation is extremely wealthy. They are also among the demographic groups with the most brand loyalty, according to experts.


Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Launched in 2009, 2.44 billion Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 26 – 35

Over two billion users actively use WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging service in the world, spread across more than 180 nations. With such a sizable audience as possible customers, it is simple to interact with new ones who may not be familiar with all that your company has to offer.

WhatsApp is being used by brands, such as Vodafone, Estée Lauder, Carrefour Group, etc., in a variety of ways to enhance both their internal and external capabilities.

Every customer expects convenience while working with your company, don’t they? So what could be better than to approach them where they are already?


Headquarters: Culver City, California

Launched in 2016, 1 billion Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 18 – 24

Being that TikTok has the size of other platforms like Instagram but is still relatively undiscovered by advertisers, it is one of the most fascinating new brand promotion channels.

Your company will have access to a TikTok audience that it won’t have on other platforms, and by spending time today to grow your audience and following, it will undoubtedly pay off with persistent effort and worthwhile content.

One of the finest methods to do this in the modern day is through TikTok, as it allows you to convey your story in the most approachable way possible by employing a video-focused strategy to your brand’s social media content.



Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Launched in 2010, 433 million Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 50 – 65

Users of Pinterest can create and publish images, organize boards, and shop on this visual social media platform. As a visual search engine, Pinterest is excellent for introducing new potential customers to your brand and providing businesses of all sizes with a distinctive approach to selling themselves.

By minimizing the number of steps between discovery and conversion, Pinterest facilitates direct access to the source for users. Compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest visitors are more likely to convert into leads or sales. Bravo, Pinterest!



Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Launched in 2005, 430 million Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 18 – 29

A lot of viral content first gains popularity on Reddit, where users join to discuss every imaginable topic. This is the place where celebrities and other notorious people feel like opening up and discussing with the users.

There is a subreddit for (nearly) anything, from r/Parakeet, which is a subreddit dedicated to the successful life of parakeets, to r/Fitness for exercise and nutrition fanatics.

Reddit is a fantastic platform for uploading information, data, and content related to your business. Anyways, regardless of the fact that it may be very effective, you must pay attention to its details. Avoiding antagonism when using Reddit and marketing, in general, is a key tip.

These days, sharing value rather than merely marketing is more appreciated. Because of this, you must be patient and hold off on publishing for a few weeks. Be certain that your purpose in being on this platform is to contribute to the community, then try your luck.



Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Launched in 2013, 700 million Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 25 -34

Businesses utilize Telegram for marketing because experts are discovering the advantages of the network may be even greater than those of WhatsApp. One of the social platforms, messengers, and digital marketing tools with the quickest growth over the past several years.

It has amassed millions of users worldwide thanks to its distinctive features, which include channels, groups, free stickers, cloud storage, secret chats, self-destructive texts, and privacy. Users can continue to keep their data hidden from major corporations and governmental organizations by using Telegram as the lone social media platform.

The CEO and founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, asserts that, unlike WhatsApp and Facebook in 2014, Telegram will never be sold.


Headquarters: Mountain View, California

Launched in 2009, 300 million Monthly Active Users

Largest Age Group: 18 – 24

Quora is based on questions and Answers. You need a well-rounded inbound marketing approach as a small business owner to encourage customers to find your goods or services online. On this platform, you may establish your expertise on a certain subject while interacting with users who have similar interests and values by answering their questions.

Customers want trustworthy information from sources they can believe in. The creators of Quora are aware of this, which is why they implemented a voting system for answer quality, where users can vote an answer up.

Users gravitate to the websites they are familiar with and confident in when the internet becomes more cluttered with low-quality content. Can you provide good quality information and create a trustworthy brand? Furthermore, you have the option to connect to blog posts, product pages, or other useful pages on your website. This will bring your site more traffic, more visits and potentially more clients.

Which platform should you use for your business? 

Social Networks and social media are everywhere. Most people want to stay connected and thrive in the online world, even as a personal brand. You can confidently say that most people are using them, from our parents sharing loving good morning posts or embarrassing old pictures on Facebook to the young teenage neighbor trying a new TikTok dance.

Nevertheless the sentences above can give you a hint on where we are going with this. Not every platform is suitable for all kinds of businesses. Understanding age groups and preferences of each platform user can give you a better understanding of where your prospects spend more time on. And of course, this gives you insights on better targeting.

Sometimes, all you need is one platform, and other times you can help increase brand recognition by being active on multiple channels. If you need to post on multiple channels at once, Publer can help you create and schedule multiple posts for your purposes.

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