4 Tricks You Might Be Missing Out On Publer

When it comes to having an easy and effective workflow, we want to know more and more and never get tired of them.

Hunting for innovative ways to sky-rocket the engagement on social media is what everyone is keen on nowadays.

Sometimes, watching other brands showcase their products differently helps you realize that there are tons of ways you could make a difference.

Everyone who’s on social media knows that there’s a pool of interesting features to take advantage of. And this is why we on Publer are making sure to provide some.

Here’s what you might be missing out on Publer:

Add CTA buttons on Facebook links

A CTA (Call To Action) button is the call for viewers to take action towards a specific post. If the user is sharing a video, it is recommended to add a CTA button that will redirect everyone to click and watch the video right away. Every user on Publer can add a CTA button on each post that contains a link on Facebook. There are multiple options to choose from: 

Apply Now, Contact Us, Sign Up, Subscribe, Learn More, Watch More, Watch Video, Book Now, Buy Now, Buy Tickets, Get Quote, Order Now, Shop Now, Download, Install App, Listen Now, Use App, Play Game, Donate Now.

Add a bunch of Hashtags in a single click

Imagine this scenario: You are creating a new post on Instagram and want to add up to 30 hashtags. Would you worry about forgetting a specific (important) hashtag and then manually add it once the post is shared? Well, that has to stop now. Make yourself a favor and create groups of hashtags as shortcuts to add them by writing two curly brackets ‘{{‘. Sounds fun and effective, right?

Head directly to the post 

So, your posts have already been shared by Publer and while you’re analyzing the insights, you see that many people have interacted with one the posts. Nobody has the time to surf through old posts on the feed (regardless of the social network) and view all the likes/comments. On Publer, every one can simply click the little arrow icon and head automatically to the post. Saving time like a PRO.

Get up to 32% discount (Lifetime)

Publer provides the option to reduce your monthly costs if you are an Argentum or Aurum user. By leaving a review for Publer (on Capterra, G2 Crowd, Crozdesk, etc.) or publishing an article about Publer’s features/tools on your blog, everybody can award themselves and enjoy scheduling, and visually editing posts.

Every user of Publer can earn extra cash by becoming an Ambassador. Here‘s how.

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