Twitter Audio Clips Are Officially Live

Twitter has previously posted news about the upcoming feature of voice Tweets, but finally, it is now LIVE and available to all iOS users.

twitter audio clips
Courtesy of Twitter

We have written an article a couple of weeks ago, where we explain how Twitter was testing the new feature for a long time. At first, audio tweets were discussed in 2018 and now, after two years of gathering votes and a lot of testing, we can all use them on our iOS mobiles. 

Twitter’s post from 2018

Its usage is easy and very transparent. Users can simply hold the ‘wavelength’ icon clicked, record an up 140 seconds sound, and then click Done to continue where they left with the tweet. Everyone can share their opinion by tweeting as many voices as they want.

As we all know, Twitter only allows up to 280 characters as a caption update. At first, Twitter provided up to 140 characters and hopefully, they’ll do the same with the audio tweets in the future. In case you need to record a longer voice, then the following part will be posted as a separate thread.

Twitter will show voices as a video format, where users can the profile picture and some moving circles. Although the voices can only be recorded via an iOS app, everyone can listen to them on different gadgets as well.

Not a long ago, Twitter starting testing Story-like features, which on this network will be called Fleets. Looking forward to sharing news differently?

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