Twitter is Rolling Out New Tools for Spaces

All social networks are changing drastically to properly fit users’ needs.

As we’ve heard of Clubhouse, the new social media that changed the game lately, other huge social networks have empowered their platform with lookalike features.

Clubhouse is the social platform that’s focused on voice-only rooms that require a unique invitation in order to join. This is what makes Clubhouse one of the most rare social platforms out there.

Being so, Twitter and LinkedIn have also started to create voice-only features, which on LinkedIn are called Voice Rooms, and on Twitter, Spaces.

There are huge differences of course. LinkedIn highlights the fact that it will only keep it professional.

What we know about Twitter Spaces until now, based on Twitter’s official help site:

  • Spaces are public – meaning that everyone can join (unlike Clubhouse)
  • There’s a limit of 11 people (total) in a single Space
  • Only Hosts can decide who can speak on Spaces
  • Spaces Settings will give you the option to turn the Captions on or off

This is what their official post:

Like every other huge social network, Twitter has advanced its platform and everyone is loving the new updates. New features consist of Fleets (the 24-hour Story-like posts) and new Shopping features.

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