New Twitter Shopping Features Launched in 2021

Besides all of the other social networks, Twitter is currently aiming for new eCommerce shopping features on the platform.

As some of you might remember, Twitter has already explored the shopping options in 2015. Twitter used to show products as separate cards next to the respective prices. If clicked, the cards would redirect you to a whole new site where you could purchase the products. An amazing option that Twitter had back then, was the list of all tweets that were made regarding those products. So it would work just like a review site. People read the feedbacks and made a better and thoughtful choice.

twitter shopping features

Another cool thing that Twitter used to provide, is the creators feed which had a whole collection displayed. Everyone could view and make a decision after carefully checking all the available items. Imagine a whole feed customized and made properly relevant to you.

And here we are, commenting over what Twitter is planning to bring this time.

Facebook and Instagram seem to give the impression of transforming into eCommerce sites only. Their advanced shopping features and the worldwide interest seem to expand every day.

As Matt Navarra states on Twitter (news previously shared by Yasser Masood):

“Twitter is experimenting with new shopping features:

A NEW Twitter Card being tested for tweets containing links to product pages on a shop’s website

New-style Twitter Shopping Card shows

– Product name

– Shop name

– Product price

– ‘Shop’ button”

Courtesy of Matt Navarra on Twitter

During the Twitter Analyst Day 2021, Bruce Falck (Revenue Product Lead) claimed:

Though, on ecommerce we get a lot of questions around where we’re at and what the plans are, and why taking so long, all that good stuff. That’s worth commenting on for us sequencing is really important, right. We really believe firmly that getting the performance ads business right, starting with Map but then moving on to clicks and conversions is going to be critical as a prerequisite to eCommerce. Because if you can’t run a campaign and get good performance, you’re probably not going to want to sell stuff on our platform. That’s the first point I’d make. Second as relates to e-commerce, we see users on our platform all the time finding creative ways to try to sell stuff. So we actually know the demand is there. And so again, for us, it’s really just about getting the sequencing right.

So, who’s ready to takeover Twitter’s new Shopping tools as soon as they roll-out?

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