5 Twitter Tricks You Probably Aren’t Taking Advantage Of

With currently over 300 million users, Twitter is a powerful and quite essential for a business. To tweet means to share fast information and reach the right audience.

Many brands that are currently on Twitter know the importance of having an account there. Everyone can easily view, reply, and connect to whoever they want.

Twitter user need to constantly share updates and interact with a lot of other users, so they can achieve their objectives.

But, there are many tricks a Twitter user might not know or isn’t currently using, and that should absolutely change.

twitter tips and tricks
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Here’s a list of 5 of the tricks you might start using:

1.  Write longer Tweets

Is Twitter going to stick to allowing only 280 characters for a long time? Well, that is not important. Because everyone can add as many threads to the same tweet as they want.

Threads aren’t simple comments we’re used to seeing on other social networks. Usually, comments are hidden or hard to notice. On Twitter, threads are easily discoverable and always visible. Off to create a longer-than-usual tweet by using threads or even voice tweets?

2. Pin Tweets on Top

If there’s some information you want everyone to view when visiting your profile on Twitter: a new collaboration, feature, contest, or the arrival of a new team member, you can pin the tweet on top.

Make sure to add a strategical detail, such as a branded hashtag or thumb-stopping media. Pinned tweets always receive the most engagement and reach the most people.

Twitter Trick 2: Pin tweets to your profile
Pinned tweet on Publer

3. Retweet your own Tweets

What’s wrong with resharing your favorite blog article or maybe a funny text over and over again? That might be the funniest thing you ever thought and you are so proud of it…

In fact, when you retweet your own post, all you’re doing is bring more engagement to the same post and that is so smart. Less efforts. Time-saving. This is indeed a very powerful strategy Twitter provides.

4. Search for your brand’s name

Searching for your brand on Twitter helps view every mention other users have done without even tagging you. You can easily reply to them and show you are your brand’s number one fan.

It happens quite often that people write about your brand (either they are suggesting it to others or give negative feedback about their experience) you don’t receive a notification for.

Twitter Trick 4 - search your brand's name
Searching for Publer on Twitter

5. Schedule your tweets

In case you see a Twitter profile that never stops tweeting, there’s a huge possibility they’ve scheduled their posts before. It is a time-saving strategy and all worth it, being that you can focus more on viewing the insights and replying to all customers.

By using the proper Twitter image sizes and dimensions, you can manually or automatically schedule all your tweets in a click.

Twitter Trick 5 - scheduling your tweets
Scheduling tweets with Publer

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