Twitter Spaces- Live Audio Chats

Twitter's New Update with Twitter Spaces

Are you ready to join real live audio convos with Twitter Spaces? You can be among a few users who talk to each other in real-time by joining live audio chats from the comfy couch or enjoying a walk in the park. 

This new feature is similar to the other platforms, and Twitter will likely continue to develop it to go ahead of the curve among social media channels.

Twitter launches a new feature about live audio chats.

Twitter Spaces

Spaces on Twitter will allow users to host audio conversations whenever they want, wherever they might be. Twitter Spaces are available on iOS and Android. 

You can join or leave a Space at any time, and you can also mute or unmute yourself to listen or contribute as you please.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in hosting your own Space, you need to create a new tweet and click on the “Spaces” icon.

Join An Existing Twitter Space

First things first, Twitter Spaces are open to everyone. Since it’s a public network, there are three methods for joining existing live audio chats. 

First, anyone can join a public Twitter Space with a link included within a Tweet. 

Secondly, if the host is part of your network, you can expect a link in your direct messages as a proper invitation to join their live audio chats. 

Thirdly, live audio chats from hosts that you follow will appear at the top of your timeline when you open Twitter’s app. 

Host Your Twitter Space

To start a Space, it’s easier than you think. On Home Timeline, press the compose button and select the dots icon. At first, you’ll be silent. Once you create and start your Twitter Space, you can start speaking. 

Twitter Spaces improves live audio chats.

How to use Twitter Spaces & Live Audio Chats for Business

Twitter is the most influential platform for connecting with potential clients worldwide. Businesses update their audience with their Tweets on trends. 

Twitter’s research on businesses indicates that a rise of 10% participation rate in discussions has led to a growth of a 3% in sales volume. In other words, Tweets from companies on important topics create buzz and drive results for brands. 

It doesn’t count if you are a new start-up or a well-established big company. Unquestionably, live audio chats are valuable to your business. If you aspire to:

  • Be present in significant cultural events worldwide
  • Engage authentically with your target audience on Twitter
  • Promote a different tone of voice for those who need to get heard
  • Obtain inspirational ideas and participate in hot topics in real-time 

Final Thoughts on Twitter’s Live Audio Chats

Twitter Spaces is a great way to connect with other Twitter users in real-time and discuss topics of your interest. 

Twitter is trying to update Twitter Spaces as the most innovative feature to bring Tweets worldwide visible to every user’s feed. 

Moreover, live audio chats are expected to improve the digital success of companies on Twitter.

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