Ultimate Guide to Content Repurposing and Its Benefits

Content repurposing is a strategic way to bring back to life some old but gold content.

As a content writer you know pretty well how much research you need to do before starting to write or how many hours you should spend by properly curating and correcting the text.

You know the value of the content when it comes to marketing, therefore, it’s important to treat it like it should.

Here’s a list of the top 5 benefits of content repurposing:

  1. Make your content evergreen. Reformat a specific post into another relevant one and make it last forever. There are some pieces of information that don’t have an expiration date, and you need to show this to your audience.
  2. Showcase your familiarity with tons of options. Meaning that you can show everyone how good you’re at social media marketing and you know almost everything that’s trending (i.e Reels).
  3. Reach different audiences. There are people that are only using Twitter or Pinterest in their everyday life. Converting some content into Rich Pins or funny tweets will absolutely help you raise brand awareness.
  4. Boost SEO. Expanding your online presence and fantasy all over the network will help you become part of keyword filters and rank higher every time. Quality content that contains relevant and smart keywords is Google’s favorite content!
  5. Save time like a PRO. I mean, there are a lot of days when you feel fresh out of ideas. Content repurposing comes in handy! Simply transform your tweets into an Instagram post, and off you go!

Now that we know the benefits, it’s time to learn about some hacks and empower with new ideas for the future posts.

We’ve listed 5 examples which you can feel free to get inspired from and then check the results continuously:

Turn blog articles into posts

This is one of the easiest and fastest content repurposing out there. This article, for example, has a lot of bullet points that can be easily shortened and added to a tweet or Facebook update. Also, you can create a free Canva design where you can add the most important information a blog article contains and then share it as visual content.

Recently, we’ve repurposed all blog articles into Instagram Reels and LinkedIn posts.

Turn Live Chat most frequently asked questions into polls or blog posts

When people ask the same thing, there’s something that lets you know its importance. We know how useful it is to showcase to our customers how they can connect and use their Pinterest accounts on Publer. This is why we’ve covered this in multiple blog articles and Help Center too.

Turn infographics into tweets

An infographic is a highly preferred type of visual content that helps drive engagement and attention.

It contains tons of information and therefore, it is a great chance to help you prepare some tweets as tips.

Take our Thanksgiving infographic as an example. We’ve written about the top digital tools to use in 2021. There are over 20 tools in total, all categorized according to their industry. That was an ideal time for us to prepare weekly tweets that helped everyone learn more about what we would recommend. We know that not all of our Twitter audience is part of our blog subscribers, so that was a nice move to reach as many people as possible, using the same information.

Make short videos on TikTok using your old blog posts

It’s already trending and everybody loves getting fast information. Be aware of the information the article contains – whether the information needs to be updated or not, and start recording!

Turn your webinars into YouTube videos

It speaks for itself! Webinars are an amazing way to target a huge audience and allow them to ask questions about your brand. Webinars are always worth it when you put enough effort into them. Turning webinars into YouTube videos is smart because people are already using it and it’s helpful for the ones that missed out on the webinar in the first place.

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