5+ Upcoming features on Instagram in 2020

Since January 2020, Instagram announced new features were coming up. Some of them have already been tested and now they’re here. The newest features we started to view and enjoy are the IGTV Ads, Facebook Shops, etc. 

Except for those, Instagram is planning to bring much more and they’re all mostly related to creators, who have huge impact on their community.

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Instagram Shops

This new feature on Instagram comes in handy for every small (or big) business that wants to provide fast and easy solutions to showcase their services and products. All users can simply click the shopping icon (coming soon) and start shopping. 

Just like on Pinterest, everyone can now pick their favorite outfits, gifts, beauty products, etc. and purchase them automatically. People trust Facebook and so, they don’t mind adding their personal bank accounts, because they know how secure they are, and also, they trust the customer support.

Instagram Shops are an absolute treat for each and everyone, as the online catalogs are transparent and flexible to use.

Instagram Shops

Facebook Shops

This is the most exciting news for all Facebook and Instagram users, especially brands because now everyone can showcase their products and services just like in an e-commerce website. 

Users are able to purchase right from their account while surfing through the Explore page. The beauty of Instagram Shops consists of the customization of the ‘online shop’. Everyone can highlight their products on top of their Shopping profile and also, they can modify the colors of their online shop, maybe by combining them with the brand’s colors. 

Facebook’s new initiative is more powerful than everyone thinks. As Facebook itself explained, they are building loyalty programs that everyone can use in their favorite businesses like a cafe. Everyone can check their points and rewards and use them anytime. This is an amazing way to support small businesses around the world as the outbreak made its deep impact. 


Recently, Instagram has provided ads pop-ups on some famous Instagrammers, mainly creators and influencers. These IGTV ads last up to 15 seconds and people can simply click on them and purchase different products. 

Creators are followed by tons of people on Instagram as they help make an impact and share news. Being so, they can go on Live Instagram videos and then, add those on IGTV section on their profiles.

This is an amazing opportunity for every creator and other Instagram users as well. Finally, the creator’s efforts can be monetized on others that YouTube social networks.


Messenger Rooms

Except for Facebook users, now those on Instagram can video-chat with up to 50 people at the same time by starting it right from their DM profile. Not only are Instagram users allowed to participate in these video chats, but also those who don’t own an account on this social network.

Messenger Rooms are an effective strategy to avoid social distancing and it works the same as the other online video platforms. Users who start a video chat can copy and share a unique link to everyone. Only the owner of the room can decide who participates in the video chat.

Messenger Rooms on Instagram


As the outbreak changed the whole perspective of life affecting the whole population, Instagram has started a new initiative. Some of the most followed Instagram accounts, mainly famous brands that aim to boost awareness, have been selected to own a new section on their profiles.

Guides are the newest favorite feature of Instagram users, who want to learn and read more about positive quotes to live by, helpful articles, and mindful physical exercises to take care of the mental health.

Guides on Instagram

Stories, Stories Stories

Instagram Stories seem to provide new features every single day! It’s amazing how a user can have so many options to make the best out of their online presence for personal use or their brands’.

  1. Stories about you – You can easily see everyone who mentioned you on their Stories right from the notification page.
  2. Layout – You can choose from the range of layouts to create an amazing and unique Story
  3. Comment – You can add a ‘comment’ feature on a video or photo Story from which people can start having a conversation with you and those will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Shopping Tags on Captions

Yes, you read that right. Instagram is testing small shopping tags on captions, so everyone can simply click on them and get redirected to a page where they can quickly and easily purchase that product.

Courtesy of Victoria Beckham on Instagram

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