6 Updates you might have missed out of Publer

As busy people, we’re aiming to stay focused as much as we can. Still, some things just skip our attention.

This is why we’ve decided to write a recap of the last updates on Publer that you might have missed.

Here’s a list of the last Top updates on Publer for the last 3 months:

Content Recommendation

Launched on December 11 – Content Recommendation helps keep a healthy and populated social media feed.

Content recommendation consists of searching and finding the trending articles everyone is talking about. Once you share them with your audience, you’re one step closer to reaching the right audience and attract more customers. That’s because people love to read about trending topics and this way, you’re automatically a trustful source of information.

Building a loyal community is important and therefore, every digital marketer should make the most out of this easy-to-use and real-time feature!

Canva Integration

Launched on November 27 – Once you start using Canva, believe us, there’s no going back.

Canva provides thousands of features and photo/video editing tools that everyone is loving. It owns tons of templates that can be easily modified by colors, fonts, stickers (static and animated), etc. Everything feels better when you’re offered a pool of options and all you need to do is drag&drop.

You can now save all your illustrations from Canva directly to your Media Library on Publer. Save some space on your local storage and start to enjoy a professional online presence.

Canva is by far one of the favorite digital tools for many digital marketers. This is the reason we’ve added it to a dedicated infographic for Top Digital Marketing Tools to use in 2021.


Launched on November 17 – Among all other social accounts that Publer currently supports (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business), you can now schedule all your videos to your YouTube Channels as well!

Only one click away from getting more views, likes, comments, and a new online reputation. Scheduling YouTube videos by using Publer will help you save time to interact with the comments and grow your Channels easily.

RSS Feed Auto-Import

Launched on November 13 – What’s an effective marketing strategy without a powerful automation tool that helps pull brand new content without extra efforts?

That’s what the RSS Feed Auto-Import does. You decide the RSS feed you want to get new content from. Then you select the desired action (new content is shared immediately or based on a specific posting schedule). And off to enjoy some free time while Publer’s superhero power does the thing.

Got a blog? Grab its RSS feed URL and add it to your account. Publer will automatically pull new content as soon as they go live.

Built-in Photo Editor

Launched on October 29 – Ever worried about how every social platform has its policy when it comes to different image sizes and dimensions? Or maybe, how disturbing it is to add stickers, text, colors, filters, or draw into your images?

Well, as difficult and time-consuming as all of these sounds, Publer is providing a built-in photo editor. You can access the photo editor right after you upload a new image (or grab it from the Media Library).

The built-in photo editor allows you to adjust images to all image sizes by selecting the social account among the options. Also, in case you’re wondering how someone can resize an image by simply writing the correct size in pixels and getting the image ready in 1 second – well, I guess you got the answer.

Twitter Threads

Launched on October 6 – Twitter Threads, aka tweetstorms, are the modern and cool way to write more than 280 character-contents on your Twitter posts as a thread.

You know how easy it is to write thousands of characters for your social accounts except for Twitter. That’s why, unlike Twitter itself that allows up to 2 tweets at the same time as a thread, Publer provides you the option to not only post up to 15 tweets per post but schedule them after the desired amount of time.

And here comes the question: ‘Why?’.

Well, Twitter posts have a short lifespan – approximately around 18 minutes. And that ought to explain and convince everyone to post multiple times per day! Scheduling tweets also helps boost everyone’s curiosity and if used correctly, they can grow your Twitter account.

All of these last updates on Publer will help save time and boost SEO, sales, and brand awareness!

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