Useful Social Media Image Sizes

Useful Social Media Image Sizes in 2020

It’s no secret that social media image sizes are a must know for every successful marketeer. Image and video qualities are the key to organic social media. Visual content is vital in a significant engagement boost, as people prefer fast messages and purchases.

Why do social media image sizes matter?

One of the best ways to create flawless visuals for your next promotion, video marketing campaign, or any update is to take good care of the image, video sizes, and dimensions.

Sometimes, brands share the same visuals to all their social networks, and besides the fact that text gets shorter because it only allows 280 characters, the images and videos will also be different.

Caring about the visual experience is one of the most important things. Regardless of the social network, you’re working for, they all have a huge impact.

Why do social media image sizes matter?

A great appearance makes your brand look professional and boosts customer trust. This is why it is highly suggested to take care even of the smallest details you think aren’t necessary. Each profile part (profile picture, cover photo, ad image, thumbnail, etc.) requires time.

It is time to leverage your online experience with the latest updates from all social networks regarding social media sizes and dimensions. Every modification requires its own time, but in the end, it all matters, right?

Social networks change their image & video dimension requirements annually!

To view exactly how your photos and videos will be shared, Publer provides Preview tool. All you need to do is curate the posts and hit the Preview button. Don’t like what you see? Maybe the photos are cropped, and the text on the video doesn’t make any sense anymore? Well, you can go back and make the desired changes!

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