5 Video Presentation Ideas that will benefit your Business

5 Video Presentation Ideas that will benefit your Business Written by Joy Balucan

Written by Gladys Labsan

Video has become the king of content. And it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a long, long time. People absorb and retain information better with interactive visuals. Videos also fit well with a generation of busy individuals who are either always on the go or browsing remotely from the comfort of their homes.

For businesses, videos are also an essential force that boosts performance and productivity. Powerpoint slides may have been the standard for business presentations but video presentations are becoming the more preferred visual aid option. Why? Because video presentations are more exciting and energizing to watch. It makes a presentation seem more alive and engaging. 

Looking to incorporate video presentations into your business? Using a free online video editor, here are five ideas to help you get started.

5 Video Presentation Ideas   that will benefit your Business Gladys Labsan

Sales video presentation

Generating sales is an important function in most businesses. In the past, salespeople would either call potential customers or just present a brochure with all the product information in there. But those didn’t have as much convincing power as one would hope. In fact, customers are often annoyed by sales cold calls and would just throw away product flyers without second thoughts.

A sales video presentation is much more effective because it adds a human touch to the experience. Potential customers can control when and how to watch it. If they didn’t catch something, they could easily wind it back a bit to get a second view.

Investor pitch video

Funding for startups is easier to acquire nowadays. But because more funding is available, the number of competitors is also increasing. To help your business stand out from the rest, you can create a video presentation pitch to catch the attention of prospective investors.

Using an online webcam recorder, you can record your own video pitches from your workspace and even record your screen to share wonderful insights and experiences in an engaging way. Investors are quite busy and a video presentation is definitely an easier way to pitch your business as compared to a folder full of text.

Employee onboarding

A company’s success is greatly influenced by its employees. That’s the reason why companies are eager to hire only the best. Once talents have signed the contract and are ready to start working for the company, it’s important for business owners to make sure that their transition is smooth and meaningful.

Creating video presentations can help with the onboarding process, especially for remote workers. Piles of documents and handbooks are just not engaging enough. If you want to really get your new employees excited and interested in being a part of your team, welcome them with engaging visuals and audio.

Internal company training

Training is important for both newly hired and seasoned employees. Whether it’s regarding a new skill, a new process, an update to internal functions, training in video presentation form will be easier to watch and understand.

The great thing about recorded presentations is that you can share company information that’s clear and consistent, as compared to verbal presentations where information may change or get omitted depending on who’s doing the onboarding or training talk.

Product demo video

Watching a product demonstration happening right in front of you by a real live person can be quite awkward. First, the exaggerated sales talk can be quite annoying. Then there’s that awkward moment where you have to decide how to walk away, not buying anything, without looking like a cheapskate.

Don’t let this happen to your potential customers. Product demo videos are more effective because viewers can choose when, where, and how to watch. It’s much quicker and easier for a company’s sales team as well since they only have to record it once and then just play it back for prospective customers in the future.

You can showcase your product creatively, adding captions and voice-overs as necessary. You can even add background music to make the experience a lot more engaging for target viewers. If done correctly, product demo videos can help boost sales and profit from a larger pool of consumers.

Final thoughts

Video presentations are highly effective tools for improving business performance, productivity, and profit. It may seem like a lot of work, starting with planning the video all the way to recording it, but the results and effect are surely worth it.

5 Video Presentation Ideas   that will benefit your Business Gladys Labsan

Gladys Labsan is a writer and self-taught visual artist who loves to make mini Clipchamp videos, share her thoughts, sing her heart out (alone), and eat cake. All while handling four silly little girls who make her heart full.

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