5 Ways To Increase Brand Trust Through Marketing

5 Ways To Increase Brand Trust Through Marketing by Jenny Williams

Written by Jenny Williams

In the past, you would be trusted as a brand because you were the only one to bring your customers a specific product or service. These days, customers are very savvy and will do a lot of research before they decide to buy. You’re up against a lot more competition too, so brand trust goes a long way. There are plenty of ways you can increase that brand trust through marketing, so let’s see how you can gain that customer loyalty.

5 Ways To Increase Brand Trust Through Marketing by Jenny Williams

  1. Engage In Two Way Conversation

One of the best ways to gain trust is to communicate with your customers. There are more ways to talk to them than ever before, as you can chat through various social media channels. Those channels make those conversations public too, which is something you need to keep in mind when you’re talking to customers. 

Engaging in conversation encourages brand trust, as it shows you care enough to answer questions from customers and help them with any issues that can arise. Other would-be customers will see you helping others, and that’s going to make buying from you a much more tempting proposition.

  1. Create Useful Content

If you’re not already doing this, you need to get on it right away. ‘Content is king, and if you’re creating informative and well-researched content, then you will become the authority on your subject’ says business blogger Adrian Lyles from Draft Beyond and Writinity. ‘Putting out good content will make you the trusted expert in your industry.’ 

When creating content, it needs to be useful, informative, and regular. Keeping your site updated with articles on relevant topics will create brand trust, as you put yourselves out there as the experts. Plus, it’s helpful for SEO as you’ll be ranked high in search rankings, as you’re putting out quality content.

5 Ways To Increase Brand Trust Through Marketing by Jenny Williams
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  1. Encourage User Generated Content

Many customers, especially Millennial customers, are more likely to trust other customers than what brands are saying themselves. That’s something you can take advantage of, by encouraging members to create their own content and sharing it on your social media pages. 

One of the most common ways businesses does this is with reviews. Asking customers to write reviews creates social proof that your product is worth buying. Sharing messages on social media about your brand is a powerful tool, too. Encourage customers to talk about you, and get that message out there.

  1. Act Responsibly

In this day and age, more customers are looking for services that are responsible for what they do. For example, they want to buy their coffee from fair trade companies or buy more sustainably sourced food. As a company, you can increase brand trust by making changes and talking about them online. 

Your company blog is a good way to do this. For example, if you’re making changes to your packaging policies to reduce waste, talk about it in the blog. You’ll get more attention for doing so, and many customers will switch to buying with you because of this.

  1. Use Customer Feedback To Improve

Many companies will ask for customer feedback, and customers give it not expecting to see any change. If you want to make an impact as a business, take that feedback and act on it. ‘It’s so important to listen to what customers are saying, and give them what they need’ says writer Carol Peterson from Research Papers UK. ‘Use that feedback to make improvements, and it will show in your success.’

If you do make changes, again, make sure you’re talking about them. Let’s use the example of reducing packaging again. If customers have asked you to do this, talk about it and show what you’re doing. As you’re taking real, concrete steps to improve based on customer feedback, it shows that you really do care what they have to say.

There are lots of different ways you can increase brand trust by using marketing online. These are just a few ways you can get started. Try putting these tips into action, and you’ll soon be able to start bringing in new leads with that increased customer trust. It’s more powerful than you’d think.

5 Ways To Increase Brand Trust Through Marketing by Jenny Williams

Jenny Williams is a business analyst, creating related content for Homework Writing Service and Lucky Assignments. She also writes for the Gum Essays service blog.

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