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Hi everyone, we’re excited to tell you that on November 17th, we launched Publer on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt is a great community of early adopters, tech enthusiasts, and makers who love discovering new products.

They have a huge community of hundreds of thousands of people (and partnerships with top tech media like TechCrunch), so it’s a fantastic way to connect and enlarge our #PublerNation. We want to make sure tech enthusiasts like Product Hunt users are aware of our mighty Publer, so help us get seen by being there for us with your honest feedback and support.

Publer Launched on Product Hunt

We’re excited to tell you that on the 17th of November we launched Publer on Product Hunt.

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What is Product Hunt and why are we launching here?

Some consider it a forum, some a community, and others with reason name it a platform, you can define it as you mostly please but one thing is for sure: It is a great place to discover new products.

Product Hunt is an online marketplace for makers and developers to showcase their creations before they are released into the wild. The site was founded in 2012 by Ryan Hoover and Kevin Igoe as an homage to the popular website Hacker News that had launched earlier that year. The idea behind Product Hunt was simple: users can submit links to products they think other users would be interested in trying out.

The community’s suggestions for what they’d like to see on the homepage have been taken into account in their guidelines, which have been developed over many years of examining product submissions. This is not a definitive list of regulations; as technology and community interests have changed, guidelines have also switched. They will likely need to be upgraded in the future.

This platform is free for all and anyone can upload their product for hunting. You don’t need to add a product to be part of the community, you just need to sign up. After that, you can comment, upvote a product you are fond of, and check all the new updates in the forum.

Create an Account on Product Hunt

Now it is time for you to learn how to create a personal account on Product Hunt.

Publer: How to Sign Up on Product Hunt

As you can see one of the first options is to sign in with Google, so if you already have a Google account open, you can quickly proceed by inserting the required data. 

After you’ve chosen the desired account proceed with your Product Hunt login. It will redirect you to a small form where you can write down your username or just accept the one proposed automatically. On the next page, you have the option to say something about yourself, leave the link to your website, and even state if you are open to job opportunities.

After completing these small steps you will be presented with the main page where you’ll see listed all the different products, software, and services. You’ll see that upvoting is quite easy, you only have to click the button on the right of the product.

To have a fully-completed profile we suggest populating it with an avatar, a bio, and interests. This is not mandatory, it is just to improve your overall experience.

Getting Noticed 

Products must reach top spots for the day, week, or month for a great initial launch on Product Hunt. However, they must receive lots of upvotes and participation to reach that point.

You will get a better picture of how Product Hunt works if you compare it to the Google Search page results. Users on Product Hunt behave with the product page almost the same way as it happens with users searching and scrolling through the first Google results when looking for something. Products positioned within the highest authority attract the most subscribers’ interest.

How to Vote for a Product on Product Hunt

If you’re not familiar with Product Hunt it’s simple: people vote for their favorite products on an ongoing basis. So if someone else has voted for your product (or even better: if you’ve created something that gets shown up on Product Hunt), then it’ll be easier for others to find out about it.

How do I upvote my favorite product?

When someone has posted an item on Product Hunt that interests you or might be useful to your business, click “Upvote” or leave a comment to show them how much value you think it will bring into the world by sharing it with other members of the community. Aaand of course, hopefully increasing their sales!

Support and Feedback from our Dear #PublerNation

We have many Publer supporters in the digital world. Not only do we have entrepreneurs and businessmen talking about our platform every day on different social media channels, but some of the most ardent supporters are now part of the team.

And we couldn’t be more grateful for all this appreciation of our product.

We loved seeing all of you on November 17th on Product Hunt, sharing your experience through your feedback, love, and support, to help us get noticed.  

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