What should you know about Juneteenth

Juneteenth is named after the date it is celebrated, the June 19th. It is an annual American holiday, which represents the end of slavery in 1865.

The first country to accept this initiative as a national holiday was Texas, it’s origin. Every country celebrates this holiday by organizing different events, parades, special tours, etc.

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Not everybody (outside the US) knew about this holiday, but ‘thanks’ to the whole George Floyd news, now everyone will make it a daily holiday. Even though the independence day dates in 1776, slavery still existed and none of the black people’s rights were accepted.

People have been protesting about the Black people’s rights since May, the time George Floyd was murdered by a police officer. His last moments were filmed by random people walking by and the videos were heavily shared on social networks triggering everyone to start demonstrates and since the 25th of May, the most common posts were related to the saying: Black Lives Matter.

Except for Black people, everyone around the world supported this initiative and now, there are over 4.6 million posts with the ‘#blm’ hashtag, 21.8 million posts with the ‘#blacklivesmatter’, and over 26.3 million posts with the ‘#blackouttuesday’ on Instagram.

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If you own a brand that is currently present on multiple social networks, not only will you see the trending hashtag of #Juneteenth, but you should absolutely be part of it and why not, give your small contribution.

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We’re always aiming to provide a possibility to be one step closer to everyone celebrating a special day in their country. There are lots of ways you could celebrate this day with the rest of the world on social media.

If you’re currently looking for influencers, try to contact only Black bloggers and creators. Run Questions&Answers and Live IGTVs with them on Instagram; share their latest work, host a 24-hour giveaway; etc.

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