What Should You Know About the International Youth Day

World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbon, 1998) – the day when the International Youth Day is announced. Celebrated every year on August 12.

It celebrates the youth and their active voice to accept the present and make the proper changes to the future. Over the years, people have been participating on podcasts, events, conferences, where the main topic was the youth impact in the economy, politics, social activities, etc.

The youth engagement in different activities has always empowered everyone and that’s why even in 2020 there will be many events that will highlight their power.

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

The world has been (and will be) facing multiple changes and challenges. If we focus on this topic, let’s mention some of the most important ones: wars (Syria, Afghanistan), pandemic ( worldwide), humanitarian charities (worldwide – mainly Africa), the LGBT events, elections, natural disasters (earthquakes – Mexico, Turkey, Albania, Indonesia, etc.)

When it comes to finding futuristic solutions and neutral contributes everyone loves the youth voice and points of view. The majority of the youth inflicts trust and relevance.

The youth engagement comes in different versions: local, national, and global.

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Regardless of the global issues, young people are always affected. This is why their actions, when organized, can help the information spread correctly. And they can help boost the voluntary initiatives or new solutions. 

As per 2020, most of the events will be attended online to fully cooperate with the current situation. With the advancement in technology, the power of hashtags (#YouthDay), and the diverse online solutions, young people can all get involved and raise their voice to each and every topic that will be discussed.

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