What to Post on Social Media When You’re Out of ideas

We understand that being busy is a normal thing for every digital marketer out there. We struggle so hard to find social media posts that would best represent a brand online.

Being creative is an effort worth taking but yet, it happens that sometimes it just doesn’t come naturally.

That’s why we’ve covered some cool social media ideas for you to get inspired for a fresh new start. No more old and boring content that will drive your audience away.

Stay active, close to your followers, and always (*always*) be relevant.

Facebook – Become a mix of both news and fun

Instagram – Share unique and high-quality visuals

Twitter – Share more than 3 times a day

Pinterest – 10 minutes a day will sky-rocket your goals

LinkedIn – Be professional yet human

YouTube – Focus on the SEO more that you do (we know you don’t)

Google My Business – Don’t underestimate the power of sharing posts to Google!

You can schedule all of the above social networks with Publer.

Here’s a list of 10 different social media content ideas for your future social media post:

Gifs – Saving lives since 1987. Gifs are an entertaining way to showcase your mood, new updates, events, declare sales/giveaways, etc. They are popular, trending, and there’s always a relevant Gif for different situations.

Behind the scenes – Share visual content regarding what’s happening in your office while you’re building a new product, preparing for a live video, or surprise birthday parties. Show everyone your human side.

Infographics – Visual contents boost clicks and posts engagement. Whether you’re creating them for Pinterest (vertical) or Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (horizontal) try to be as visual as possible and always highlight the best tips.

Tricks – Your audience loves getting more information regarding what tricks you put to reach a specific goal. Either it’s about the hours you worked, the digital tools you used, or the people you collaborated with – let them know.

Create polls (then share the results) – Polls are engaging and most people love giving their thoughts on something. Try to be as creative and relevant as possible. You don’t want to share a pet-related poll while your niche is all about football.

Host monthly AMAs – AMA (Ask Me Anything) is a cool and interesting way to get others to know you better. The answers should be honest and real-time.

Repurpose content – Another way to escape the terrible feeling when you’re out of ideas is to repurpose the content you’ve already created in the past. Turn blog posts into quick tips&tricks; AMAs into groups of Stories; tweets into Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn posts; etc.

Research for trending topics – There are tons of your-niche-related articles and posts on the internet. Focus more on taking the time to read news and updates and then let everyone know about them through social media posts (in your own way and declaring the proper copyright).

Respond/Retweet – If your audience mentions your brand and leave reviews/comments, make sure to follow-up and reshare their feedback. This is a fast and strategic way to gain trust.

Social Media Holidays – It is important to be aware of what’s happening in the world and become part of trending topics. That’s how you step forward like a pro. Take international social media holidays into consideration and enjoy being close to your audience.

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