Who can apply for a Twitter profile verification?

Ever wondered how you can get the blue verification badge on Twitter? Well, of course, you have.

The official Twitter’s blog site has shared some news regarding the relaunch of profile verifications and there are some things that you need to know before applying.

Twitter is now rolling out the verification application and you have to be patient in case it’s not visible to you yet.


According to Twitter, there’s a list of 6 different categories that are actually allowed for profile verification appliances.

Other than that, a profile should be active for at least the last 6 months, it must have a profile picture, an email & a phone number.

Twitter has also shared the application flow which will cover some common questions about who you are (Influencer, Company, Affiliate, etc.) and also, identity verification (ID, email, and official website).

You should also follow the ‘Verified’ account on Twitter to check real-time news and updates about the whole verification process and policy.

And that’s not everything.

The platform is taking the verification process seriously. And by that, we mean that not only should you be a verified user, but also have a powerful branded hashtag that has driven tons of users to engage with; follower count in the top .05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region; etc. Check the image below.

We know that Twitter has done tons of improvements and shared amazing updates regarding better and healthier communications between people.

We’ve seen Fleets take over Twitter just. They help spread the information and are an important part of your Twitter marketing strategy. We’ve been using Fleets since the day they’ve been live and didn’t stop. They help share new and old content anytime. Also, they’re live for 24 hours, just like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn Stories.

Apart from Fleets, we have now Twitter Spaces. Those are the Clubhouse-lookalike features that people are loving for important conversations, without showing their faces, or writing.

Here are also some of the profile types that aren’t eligible: parodies, fan pages, accounts that have violated the platform’s policies, etc.

As Twitter states

‘In accordance with the Twitter Terms of Service, Twitter may remove the blue verified badge and verified status of an account at any time and without notice.

Removal of the badge based on repeated violations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and is not automatic.’

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