Win Hearts with These 14 Simple Digital Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year when visually appealing illustrations come to the rescue.

Valentine’s Day is a famous, yet underrated holiday for most digital marketers. It’s always smart to take advantage of different social media holidays.

As we’ve mentioned on all our monthly email campaigns, a good online marketing strategy consists of making the most out of what’s trending.

And here we are, preparing some nice ideas and campaigns related to Valentine’s Day.


  • Research about keywords that will boost your social media posts’ engagement and optimize your SEO.
  • Prepare some thoughtful ideas regarding a romantic and cheerful marketing campaign. Put tons of effort into creating a powerful, thumb-stopping, and engaging social media atmosphere.
  • Schedule posts on all social networks via a post scheduler like Publer. Then, you can enjoy the free time to interact with customers.

Here’s a list of 14 Simple Digital Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Encourage and award everyone who spreads love by sharing your website, products, and updates.

Themed email marketing campaign. We on Publer have already shared the social media holiday calendar for February 2021. Its illustration is based on love, pastel colors – all about the love-month.

Social Media Holiday Calendar February 2021

Flash sale – If your business provides services and/or products, try to create a flash sale on social media. Let everyone take part. Flash sales always give a feeling of urgency. When it comes to February 14th, we’re sure that whatever is related to that will become viral. 

Plan on asking on social media Groups for the funniest or most embarrassing couple stories. Now, this is new! There’s nothing like showing a whole new side of your brand. Share funny stories told by your actual clients. Imagine the engagement on social media stories!

Start a #hashtag contest.

For example, #lovePubler. While most people literally love Publer, they may as well create social media posts that contain this hashtag.

Start a streaming channel and put a romantic-comedy movie for your followers to view (online event).

Provide gifts! If you’re a traveling agency, organize a giveaway preparing a nice and romantic flight (all-inclusive). If you’re a restaurant, let everyone know about a detailed and special menu for all the lovers that join you that day (offer some free desserts too).

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Create thumb-stopping social media ads Valentine’s Day-themed – Give away gift ideas that can fire up your sales!

Support charities and/or pet adoption parties – There’s nothing like a pet as a gift.

Prepare a social media campaign that contains success stories from your customers. Valentine’s Day is all about good vibes. Sharing success stories is as well a very powerful strategy to boost people’s confidence. So, let’s make them invest more in themselves and their businesses.

Collaborate with an influencer and prepare interesting social media posts. You can go live-streaming and conduct a Q&A. Also, allow them to give their best tips related to their business’ niche, etc.

Create an Instagram Story AR filter that contains Valentine’s Day special elements, like hearts, cupids, chocolates, etc.

Switch and recreate your brand’s logo. Let the love birds, hearts, and red color run your brand for a day.

And if you’re feeling emotional, make yourself a gift. It’s always worth it. It’s always healthy to promote being single and invest in something you really love, instead of someone.

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