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We’re finally supporting Pinterest, directly. Publer’s users can directly create and schedule Pins on Pinterest. Forget about 3rd party apps and their extra costs!

Bye, Zapier Pinterest!

Over 454 million monthly active users on Pinterest have something in common:

They Love Exploring!

Being age-friendly and relevant to everyone, Pinterest is growing more and more every day. Most of the pins go viral if used correctly. The magic of Pins consists of rich graphics and short texts.

On Pinterest, there’s always something for everyone. That’s why we are thrilled to support such a fantastic platform!

Learn How to Create And Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Publer

First of all, let’s make a list of Brand’s Benefits from Pinterest:

  • It’s one of the most popular social networks.
    Users love being part of huge social platforms where they can easily interact with others and find solutions, information, and shop easily.
  • Boosts a brand’s exposure.
    It is highly recommended to share more than 10 Pins per day because they bring tons of users to your profile and website. Tip: Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags and a simple but on-point ALT text.
  • Share informative articles and updates quickly.
    People love detailed information, guides, sources, and examples. Pinterest allows you to save others’ Pins to your profile, too!
  • Get a huge website drive.
    Pinterest has a unique way of combining photos/videos to the desired URLs. Pins are easily clickable, so users will be able to visit websites easily. This makes Pinterest stand out from other visual socials, like Instagram (where you need a Link in Bio for that).
  • No need to connect with others to gain visitors.
    Your Pinterest profile is public. Once you share Pins, everyone can view and interact with them. It is highly recommended to always be informed about the next trend. Therefore, you can follow other marketers or people in your niche and join relevant Groups/Boards.
  • Get real-time feedback.
    People can easily contact you through your Pinterest account messages or by being redirected to your website. Make sure to add multiple communication sources on your web!
  • Track insights daily.
    Pinterest provides detailed analytics for each of your Pins, website clicks, monthly visitors, etc.

Brand's benefits to create and schedule pins on Pinterest with Publer.

Publer provides easy access to create and schedule pins on Pinterest. You can choose to automatically watermark and preview your pins.

Pinterest has to be one of the major social networks worth considering for promoting your brand. Plus, Pinterest suggests fantastic business ideas to promote your products or services through pins. That’s because you can easily attach links on Pins, and use effective keywords to reach a broad audience, whether written on titles, descriptions, or boards.

The amazing part of owning a Pinterest account consists of not worrying about the number of followers because either way, you still get views, and people still save your boards/pins.

Capture from Dashboard on How to Create And Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Publer

Here’s how you can make the most out of Pins on Pinterest through Publer:

Add a title and description

You can add a title (up to 100 characters) and a description (up to 500 characters) on each Pin you schedule through Publer. Hashtags play an important role in your Pins discovery, as well. 

You can use the built-in hashtag generator to automatically bring the most trending hashtags based on the photo and text.

Add Alt-text

Alt-text (or alternative text) is the written description of the visual content you’re using. It is highly recommended to be short, precise, and no decoration-related words included. 

It can be up to 500 characters, just like the description. Alt-text will optimize your SEO efforts and your profile accessibility.

Add links

Pinterest is known for its easy usage for all people, regardless of their age. Everyone reading a Pin description or viewing an item they want to purchase is only one Pin click away from heading to the relevant website. This is what makes Pinterest different from all other socials. 

Pins are clickable and can save you tons of time – you don’t have to save images, copy-paste links, or do extra steps just to head to the desired URL.

Define the Best Time to Create and Schedule Pins on Pinterest

Finding the best time to post Pins means knowing how to obtain pure golden engagement on every post. Consistency is vital on every social platform, and Pinterest holds the crown of being eager to show its users as many creative pins as possible. 

Once you are very specific about your goal and set up the primary target audience, you’ve already successfully completed the two first steps towards success. The third one is the planning schedule with relevant content at the best time!


Find the best time to post images on Pinterest With Publer.

You can’t rely upon your success in the wheel of fortune. You must know when your audience is online and strike out with your Pins. Opt for an immediate impressive engagement such as Pin clicks, outbound clicks, saves, follows, and profile visits on a pin. That’s because a significant number can boost your chances of getting promoted by the Pinterest algorithm. 

So, the right timing and frequency are vital! By focusing on the content of your Pinterest Images and frequency, you are taking actionable steps of a thoughtful plan to succeed on Pinterest. 

Publer is your right hand in supporting a deep analysis based on your audience activities and informing you about the best timing to create and schedule pins on Pinterest. 

Create and Schedule Pins on Pinterest Consistently! It’s the key to beating Pinterest’s algorithm!

Create and Schedule Pins on Pinterest often for your audience.

Create a consistent plan and stick to it! Ensure to create pins in advance, and review them continuously to have pre-prepared content to share with your audience. 

However, let’s guide you with numbers instead. Pinterest promotes Fresh Pins more than Repins. It indicates that a new Pinterest Image will probably get enabled by the platform by reaching many new users than previous shared Pins. 

Pinterest suggests at least 1-2 Pins per week or on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but experts on social media recommend daily new pins at least 1-4 and even more if your creativity allows it. If you think you have no time for that, scheduling tools like Publer are just one click away to facilitate the process. 

Still, remember that 4 Excellent Pins on Pinterest per day are much more valuable than 10 Not-So-Good Pins daily! Moreover, you can benefit from Publer’s CSV file uploads at any minute.

Design With Pro Tools Integrated within Publer

Canva: You can design Pins with Canva within Publer. Simply click the button and start making some art! 

If you’re using Canva for the first time, you will be prompt to connect your current Canva account and design using the respective plan you have.

Also, you can save all your designs to Publer directly if you’re on Canva. Learn more.

Vista Create integration is efficient and beneficial for professionally-made visuals. Thanks to Vista Create, you can add sounds to your videos and provide more attractive content to your audience.

Pro Designing Tools To Create And Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Publer.

Of course, if you have your account on Canva or Vista Create, you can connect it to Publer. Learn more.

The design on the screenshot above show the Designing Tools integration on Publer.

Bulk-Schedule Easily

There’s no other way to say this: the more Pins, the better! More Pins means more opportunities to boost sales and website visitors, engagement, and visibility.

This is why you can make the most out of Publer’s CSV file. You can schedule up to 500 Pins simultaneously by adding the relevant titles, descriptions, select boards, and even decide on the posting schedule where you want to save those Pins! All in one file.

Watermark and preview before scheduling

Publer allows you to add your logo to your visuals. Want to make a difference and avoid spreading your Pins without the proper copyright? Got you!

Learn more about watermarks.

Also, you can preview how the final image will look like before it’s published with the Previewing feature.

PS: You can always share your Pins directly if you don’t want to schedule them ahead of time.

We’re here to make pinning fun. Happy Scheduling!

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