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Every time we listen to the word ‘SEO’ our mind automatically goes to Google. Well, that’s because not many people talk about how important SEO is all around the social networks.

For example, in a previous article, we’ve talked about Instagram SEO. Even though it’s quite unbelievable, you can find Instagram SEO tips and tricks all over the internet. Instagram is indeed easily impacted by the content.

YouTube is a search engine.

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Popular videos are YouTube’s favorite ones. 

Promoting a video correctly is everyone’s number one priority.

Another way you could use to find relevant keywords is to install the famous ‘vidIQ Vision’ for YouTube.

To find relevant keywords you can simply use YouTube’s Search Suggest feature. This is one of the oldest, yet smartest and quickest tricks! Start by typing something on the search bar and expect a bunch of suggestions to choose from.

  • The title character number limit is 100
  • The description character number limit is 5000

Why should you take good care of SEO in your YouTube channel?

YouTube SEO, just any other platform, is affected by keywords. Remember the videos that start with: ‘How do I’? Well, that’s the long-tail kind of keyword that helps videos reach people.

Publer’s channel – YouTube

– Video title

Invest enough and smart time to the title of your next YouTube video. That’s one of the most important parts of your video success once it’s shared.

The tile must contain at least one keyword so that the viewer will want to click and watch the video. No magical tricks there! In the end, it’s what the viewer searches for that matter – and your video is automatically one step closer to being found and ranking on Top.

– Video Description

It’s okay to use the whole space YouTube provides per video descriptions. But, that’s always up to you – if you love reading while on YouTube, then that seems about right.

If you decide to write a lot, remember that YouTube only displays up to 3 first rows – so keep the most important part of information – in the beginning.

Screenshot taken from Publer’s channel on YouTube

– Video file name

Sometimes videos are saved by default as multiple numbers or nonsense letters. It is important to give your file a proper name, like the video’s title.
For example, transform your ‘8374svb.mp4’ file into ‘how-to-make-pancakes.mp4’.

As much tricky as it seems, this is the first thing you should do once you decide to post a video to YouTube. Nobody except for YouTube can read your file name – but that’s enough, right?

YouTube SEO tools keep all the information!

– SRT file (subtitles)

YouTube provides automatic captioning called Closed Captions, but they’re not the perfect ones. Each video must have a professional captioning – here’s where the SRT file comes in handy. Everybody who uses the SRT field sees an increased engagement in their videos.

Closed Captions on YouTube

How to make the most out of YouTube videos?

Practice cross-posting. YouTube is a social network and alike every other social network out there, it’s possible to cross-post/share

Every social network welcomes videos as they drive huge engagement. You can make sure to share your YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, add items as links in Bios on Instagram, attach them to emails during a marketing campaign, share them on Quora, etc.

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