How to Become Instagram Famous: Persistence and Partnerships 

August 25, 2022
how to become instagram famous

Instagram is home to over a billion active users daily, so it’s no surprise that influencers thrive on this platform. From being a photo and video sharing app that lets you connect with people from across the world, it’s become a venue to promote business, explore opportunities, and create your personal brand. 

Instagram stories, posts, and reels let you share a glimpse of your life and interests. Famous influencers do the same to relate to their followers and expand their reach. 

While there’s no one surefire way to achieve Instagram fame, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances. If you see the potential of your online presence as an artist or influencer, these tips will help you make it to fame on Instagram. 

How to Become Instagram Famous

Becoming Instafamous isn’t something that can happen overnight, and a single viral Instagram post doesn’t make you an influencer right away. If you want to be the next big thing, you need to put in the work.

Here are some ways that may help you become the next Instagram star: 

Define Your Niche

Find out what niche you want to focus on based on your talents and hobbies. Make sure you capture a common interest with your followers.

Say that you have followers that see you as their ‘fitspiration.’ You can create content about healthy meal plans or routine workouts to keep them engaged. 

To guide you on your journey to becoming Instagram famous, you may ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Why do I want to be famous?
  2. What do I want to show to the public?
  3. How do I want to be perceived?
  4. What is my story? 

Write a list of questions that can guide you, but keep these as top-of-mind. They can help you not lose sight of why you want to be Instafamous in the first place. 

Decide On Your Aesthetic

Famous Instagram influencers use a particular aesthetic for their feeds to match their niche and personality. Try to create a theme for your feed that people can eventually recognize as yours. You can either go minimalist or use warm and bright undertones.

Whatever it may be, remember that you are introducing your personality to your content, not copying what’s in to stay relevant. 

Create Genuine And Authentic Content 

When everything online is curated, aim to still show up as your most authentic self. People are smart enough to know when someone’s trying too hard to keep up with the trends. This also applies to the partnerships you take on.

If you align yourself with brands that don’t harmonize with your niche, you risk becoming controversial and potentially losing your follower base. Be thoughtful and intentional about the topics you choose to post about and be honest and transparent with your audience.

When done well, you can create an emotional connection that is hard to come by.

Brush Up On Your Photography Skills

On Instagram, it’s all about the visuals. You can guarantee IG-worthy photos for your page by learning a thing or two about photo and video editing software or even taking photography classes to work on your do-it-for-the-gram shots. Search for free options available online or watch video tutorials to keep you inspired.

It takes effort to put in quality content, so if you want brands to work with you, your photos should stand out. 

how to become instagram famous

Experiment With Hashtags

Hashtags are essential to increase your visibility. Influencers use hashtags to stay at the top of the search results on Instagram. Instagram has different types of hashtags you can explore. Ideally, you should optimize niche hashtags to make your targeting more specific.

You can use up to 11 hashtags for your posts. Check which relevant hashtags get the most engagement, and plan your strategy from there.

Post Consistently

To stay relevant, you have to be actively posting. Create a monthly social media calendar so you can plan your content and posting schedule. For example, the Instagram algorithm suggests the ideal posting time for reels is every Wednesday at 11 AM, while the worst day to do so is on a Sunday.

This strategy can also potentially get your posts noticed and increase your followers. 

Remain Adaptable As Your Brand Evolves

Trends come and go. Be adaptive to changes but also avoid blindly following fads. As your brand continues to grow, so will your followers. Most times, you will manage to stay relevant if you inspire people to embrace changes happening in their own lives. They are also invested in keeping up with your journey, whether in real life or on your IG page.

For example, you may start as a young, free-spirited millennial until you eventually settle down with your own family. This could mean your current content may no longer work, and you might attract another set of audiences. Don’t hesitate to experiment – maybe food pictures and fun stories have worked wonders in the past, but now you need video interview recordings with other influential people to match the likings of your followers.

Whatever that is, stay flexible with your changing seasons. 

Locate Micro-brands To Partner With 

You can build partnerships with micro-brands through product trades or x-deals. But while you’re still starting, consider promoting them for free so you can generate support from these businesses. Partner with the micro-brands you genuinely believe in, not just because you’re looking for a partner, period.

As you grow your community, you’ll have more opportunities to make money through brand deals. You can use relevant hashtags to connect with different brands for sponsorships or reach out to them directly via DM or email.

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Be Persistent

Becoming Instagram famous takes persistence. Your goal should be to pursue your passion. The rewards will follow. Being an influencer may look easy, but creating quality content takes time, effort, and commitment. 

Key Takeaways 

Establishing yourself as an influencer on Instagram will take time, but if you are serious about becoming famous on the platform, keep going. Focus on your goal rather than the numbers, and follow these steps to step up your game:

  • Determine your niche and aesthetic
  • Create genuine content
  • Post consistently
  • Be flexible to changes
  • Be persistent

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