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Automatically Post and Schedule from RSS Feeds

It’s time to get your social media posts under control by promoting interesting and thumb-stopping content for your audience.

Import, archive, filter, and schedule new articles from any global website you prefer.

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Automatically Post and Schedule from RSS Feeds.
What is RSS Feed.

What is RSS Feed

RSS Feed is an incredible feature that helps create communication with a specific source.

With Publer, you can sync old posts and pull/filter real-time updates from all your favorite websites.

This is a highly effective way to keep all your social media schedule consistently populated with fresh content for daily engagement.

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Benefits of Automating New RSS Feed items

Now that you understand what RSS Feed does, let’s learn why every marketer should use it.

Simply put: Automation is an easy way to share blogs from your favorite websites and you’ll be able to enjoy the results hassle-free.

Build up your reputation by sharing trustworthy content.

Increase website clicks and convert readers into customers.

Save lots of time and effort, freeing up your schedule for other campaigns!

Benefits of automating new RSS Feed items.

1. Find RSS Feed URLs Across Different Websites

If can’t find the RSS Feed URL on another website, contact us.


Add a ‘/feed’ at the end of the URL.
Like this: ‘’.


Add /feed/ before the article’s title.
Like this:


Add ‘f.rss’ at the end of a link.
Like this:

Set the RSS Feed URL up on Publer.

2. Set up the RSS Feed URL on Publer

After finding the correct RSS Feed URL, it’s time to add it to Publer and set all the settings up.

Adding all the important details will help you stay organized when scheduling posts. Add the name of the blog, the URL and start including all keywords you want the new articles to contain (or keywords you want to exclude).

Stay consistent and deliver fresh content through RSS Feed automation like a true professional.

3. Manage Actions Towards New Articles

Select and manage all new items based on your preferences and keep a populated social media feed, forever.

No Action: Keep new items organized and use them whenever you want.

Auto Post: Every new item that is published will be automatically posted across social accounts that you select.

Auto Schedule: Every new item that is published will be automatically scheduled according to a specific posting schedule you decide.

There is absolutely no limit on the number of items you keep organized or posting schedules that you create!

Manage actions towards new articles.

Extra Tools That Help Maximize Your Efforts.

Keep up with the news and help your marketing team out by searching through all RSS Feeds and sharing or deleting articles right from the dashboard. Want to be more efficient?

Try bulk-scheduling!
Extra tools that help maximize your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions and answers related to the RSS Feed feature. If you’re still not finding what you need, chat with us or visit our Help Center.

How will RSS Feed items be shared to each social network?

After deciding whether you want to use link title/description as caption, you can choose if you want to post the new articles as links or as photos. Please keep in mind that: On Instagram, the link will be added at the bottom of the description. On Pinterest & Google Business Profile, the link will be automatically attached at the URL area.

What is the difference between Auto-Post and Auto-Schedule?

Auto-Post means that every new item will be shared on one or any of the social networks you’ve selected. Auto-Schedule is for when you want the articles to be shared based on a specific posting schedule you set up for your social accounts. Select the social accounts and the respective time slots you’ve previously created to share them on a schedule. Click here to learn more.

Why Can’t I see my new article on the dashboard?

The process of syncing new items from the RSS Feed isn’t instant. An RSS Feed is automatically synced depending on how frequently an RSS Feed is updated with new entries. For example, if you have a blog that posts only one article per week, they will sync the RSS Feed once per day. If you have a blog that posts tons of articles per day, for example, news sites, they will sync the RSS Feed once every 5 minutes. However, you can force sync any RSS Feed anytime, simply by clicking on the syncing icon next to the Feed’s name.