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Organize and Manage All Visuals in One Library

Publer provides a unique visual experience by helping you keep every photo, video, and Gif organized in one place.

Give your marketing team some peace of mind with easy storage of designs, filtering and adding notes to each piece of media.

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Organize and manage all visuals in one library
Import media directly to the Media Library

Import Media Directly to the Media Library

Save hard drive and keep your media uploaded to Publer’s Media Library.

Instantly import from your local storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Also, you can save free of copyright and high-quality royalty-free images from Unsplash. This includes photographer information, description and location.

No Degree in Designing?
No Problem.

Publer is currently supporting two impressive designing tools that allow you to create thumb-stopping marketing photos and videos.

Designing with Canva

Design Unique Photos with Canva

Canva is a powerful way to boost your design efforts in just a few steps.


On Publer: Once you select Canva and sign in to your account, the built-in button will allow you to design photos right within Publer. You can access all templates, elements, and fonts - that your plan on Canva allows.


On Canva: After finishing your photo design, click the ‘Share’ button on the top right corner, search for Publer, pick the desired workspace you want to add the recent design to, and view your work at the media library on Publer.

Design unique photos with Canva
Create marketing photos and videos using VistaCreate
Design with VistaCreate

Create Marketing Photos and Videos with VistaCreate

If you don’t have a VistaCreate account to connect, Publer will create one for you including some of the Pro features *at no extra cost*.

Surf the professional photo and video templates library, unique elements, branded options to add colors and text fonts, sound effects, etc.

Whether you’re sharing the latest updates, fun facts about your team, or ultimate guides related to your niche, VistaCreate is an excellent tool to create engaging content.

Design images with the built-in editor

Built-In Photo Editor

Quickly edit visuals with the correct aspect ratios for any channel you choose.

Use filters, colors, and stickers that complement your aesthetic to make your images vibrant and full of life.

Add text to grab the attention or share minimalistic designs that inform your audience.

Effortlessly resize your images to fit specific channels’ aspect ratios.

Publer's built-in photo editor

Pick the Preferred View Mode

Publer provides two viewing options: Grid (for a quick glance) and List (for a detailed view).
Stay on top of your marketing game with threads.

Search and Filter Visuals

Keep yourself organized and define what type of media you need more of. You can do this by using the quick and intuitive filters and search options on the Media Library.

Filter your visuals by type (photos, videos, and Gifs), usage (all media, used or unused media); colored & personalized labels; designing tools (Canva/VistaCreate); and also the ones you’ve marked as favorites.

Get inspired by your past visual content in your easy to navigate Media Library!

Search and filter visuals
Manage visuals individually, or in bulk

Manage Visuals Individually, Or in Bulk

Work more efficiently by selecting media one by one or in bulk. You can organize your media further with different colored labels and marketing your favorites!

Sharing photos, videos and gifs will help brighten up your social media feed. Visual content receives more engagement on average, so make it part of your marketing plan!

Showcase your brand voice with visual content marketing!

Plan Your Instagram Aesthetic

Turn visitors into followers and followers into customers. It’s easier than you think.

Plan your Instagram aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions and answers related to the media library. If you’re still not finding what you need, chat with us or visit our Help Center.

How many ways are there to search for a specific media?

Publer provides multiple options to find the desired photos, videos, and Gifs if you have a full library. You can search by content (title or description you’ve given to specific visuals) and filter options (by designing tools, colored labels, Favorites, type, or usage).

Does Publer have access to my folders on Google Drive?

Publer, just like other third-party apps, can only access the visual contents that are located outside of your Drive folders. Even if your folders aren’t private or password-protected, Publer will not be able to view/get media from within them.

Can I create a multi-photo post from the library?

Yes! Select all the visuals you want for your multi-photo post, select 'Share Media' at the bottom right corner and then pick the first option, 'Single Post' to publish. Remember that you can't mix different media types (photos, videos and gifs) together when doing this type of post.

How can I delete labels on the library?

To permanently delete a label, click the drop-down arrow next to 'Favorites', select 'Manage Labels', find the label you want to delete and click on the bin icon. Warning: Deleting a label from the Media Library means you're also deleting it from other pages as well, including posting schedules, calendar, etc.