Powerful Social Media Analytics

Go beyond likes and follows. Publer Analytics equips you with in-depth performance insights to fuel smarter social decisions.
Track progress, identify trends, and dominate your social space with confidence.

Unlock Data-Driven Success
Powerful Social Media Analytics

See What's Working. Fix What's Not. Win at Social.

Identify What's Working

See top content, times, and campaigns that deliver the most consistent impact.

Track Progress Over Time

Measure growth, celebrate wins, witness your social media journey unfold.

Make Informed Decisions

Create and optimize social media strategies, backed by reliable data.

All Social Media Insights, Inside One Dashboard.

Find what matters in a heartbeat. Thanks to the compact dashboard, you can find information gathered from all social media networks, into clear actionable insights needed to develop and ace your social media game.

This isn't just about vanity metrics or shiny dashboards. It's about empowering you with the knowledge to shape your social media strategy. It's about transforming data into action, insights into growth, and ultimately, success.

All Social Media Insights, Inside One Dashboard.
Focus on social media metrics that matter.

Focus On Social Media Metrics That Matter.

Personalize your post insights with metrics you want to see first. Customize the data columns and sort all your posts based on their performance.

Filter your data by social accounts, time period, or Workspace members to know exactly what is working, and measure performance.

And if you want to dive deeper, click on the post to get a full view and learn more about its individual metrics, activity, and progress.

Find the Best Times to Post on Social Media!

Tired of guessing what and when to post? Publer’s internal algorithm and AI predict peak engagement times for each social media platform, based on your unique activity and audience. Maximize reach, engagement, and ROI
with a strategy based on simple, smart scheduling suggestions.
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Find the Best Times to Post on Social Media!

Exclusive Key Metrics That Measure Your Growth.

Stop just counting likes - gain actionable insight with our exclusive metrics:

Reach Rate: What social media networks don't want you to know: Understand your post reach - relative to your account's followers.

Engagement Rate: See if your content truly resonates with your audience - Leverage engaging content & refine your strategy.

Click-Through Rate: Track link clicks for posts or Link in Bio, understand what drives results & maximize ROI.

Exclusive Key Metrics That Measure Your Growth.
Understand Your Audience with Demographic Insights.

Understand Your Audience with Demographic Insights.

Understand your social media audience like never before! Gain valuable
insights into who engages with your content, including:

Location: Discover the top countries and cities where your audience thrives.

Demographics: Uncover key characteristics like age and gender distribution.

By understanding your audience demographics, you can craft targeted content that drives engagement and results.

Understand Which Hashtags Work Best

Gain in-depth insights of the hashtags you use. Hashtag Analysis provides a clear picture of how your hashtags perform across platforms and posts, empowering you to optimize your strategy based on real results.

Identify top hashtags: Use the Hashtag Score to measure your precise hashtag impact on the engagement of your posts.

Understand Which Hashtags Work Best
Outsmart Your Competiton & Win The Race

Outsmart Your Competiton & Win The Race

Analyze key competitor metrics: Track follower growth, engagement rates, and the content types that resonate most with your competitor’s audience.

Discover top-performing posts: See what content gets the most traction for your competitors, and use it as inspiration for your own strategy.

Optimize your posting schedule: By analyzing when your competitors are most active and generating engagement, Publer can refine your posting schedule to better reach your target audience.

Best of Both Worlds: PDF & CSV Analytics Reports!

Don't be limited by format choices. Gain complete control over your social
media insights with both PDF and CSV formats:

Stunning PDF Reports: Generate presentation-ready reports packed with clear, digestible data visualizations.
View PDF Sample

Powerful CSV Exports: Access raw data in a fully editable format for advanced analysis, custom calculations, and data manipulation.
Download CSV Sample

Best of Both Worlds: PDF & CSV Analytics Reports!

Publer Analytics on Your Smartphone

Stay in control even on the move! Publer Analytics brings all desktop insights into your pocket through the Publer App. Track performance, export reports, and manage data – just like you would on your computer.
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Publer Analytics on Your Smartphone

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions and answers related to the analytics. If you’re still not finding what you need, chat with us or visit our Help Center.

Can I see analytics in the Free Plan?

Unfortunately no. Analytics are only available on the Business plan.

Are the analytics/insights shown in real-time?

The analytics are refreshed every 24 hours, which means that they will be automatically updated the following day. However, you can sync your insights manually several times throughout the day to get real-time analytics.

Can my members see the analytics of the workspace?

Yes, your members will be able to see the analytics for any of the accounts that you have assigned to them. They can also export the analytics for those social accounts to PDF Reports.

Can I see the analytics for a custom period of time?

You can choose a specific start and end date so that you can view the analytics for that specific period. That way, you can see how well your posts are performing compared to, for example, a year ago.