Introducing Publer Analytics

An online reputation comes with a price. Understand what performs best and what requires attention.
Analyze activity in one all-inclusive dashboard.

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Introducing Publer Analytics.

Why Marketers Need In-Depth Social Media Post Analysis

Improve Results and ROI

Pivot all your social media results effortlessly.

Connect with Potential Customers

Leverage all insights into reaching the right people at the right time.

Identify Evergreen Content

Find top-performing content and recycle it according to a schedule.

Sync Insights of Published Posts

Humanizing your social media online presence means automating important updates. Besides that, social media presence is also about celebrating achievements, using UGC, connecting with the world's top events, and responding to comments and mentions.

That is why Publer provides automatic (or manual) synchronization that will help you develop a more effective social media strategy and increase your conversions by providing insights into what is working well and what could be improved.

That's how you improve the conversion rate, craft a better plan, and hit goals.

Sync past insights using Publer analytics.
Social network metrics that matter.

Social Network Metrics That Matter

Analyze your organic and sponsored postings on several websites to see where you're losing visibility or gaining it.

Track total numbers of followers and page likes across all networks.

Access insights: reach, engagement, link clicks, and video views.

Track clicks of your Instagram Link in Bio posts.

Specific Post Insights

Publer understands it's necessary to know what content has performed best over a specific length of time. With Publer, the days of shelling out extra cash on complicated analytics tools are gone for good!

You can now rank all posts on Publer by:

The exact date they were published.

How many people they have reached up to date.

The total number of engagements including retweets, profile clicks, likes, saves, etc.

Specific Post Insights.

Share Content at Peak Times

Thanks to all your previous posts’ reach and engagement, our AI helps deliver the best times to share new content for every social network.
Every marketer knows how crucial this is to improve ROI.
Share Content at Peak Times
Demographic insights.

Demographic Insights

Measure with a purpose! Dive deep and get to know who truly cares about your updates.

View the top countries and top cities you’re receiving the most engagement. Discover your target audience and learn more about your audience.

Success comes from understanding. Become mindful and enjoy the results of sending the right message to the right audience.

Export to PDF

Measure success over time and analyze what performed best.

Filter insights by members, social accounts, or workspaces and export them as PDF files.

Automate weekly or monthly Analytics Reports and share them with your clients or marketing team.

Export to PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions and answers related to the analytics. If you’re still not finding what you need, chat with us or visit our Help Center.

Can I see analytics in the Free Plan?

Unfortunately no. Analytics are only available on the Business plan.

Are the analytics/insights shown in real-time?

The analytics are refreshed every 24 hours, which means that they will be automatically updated the following day. However, you can sync your insights manually several times throughout the day to get real-time analytics.

Can my members see the analytics of the workspace?

Yes, your members will be able to see the analytics for any of the accounts that you have assigned to them. They can also export the analytics for those social accounts to PDF Reports.

Can I see the analytics for a custom period of time?

You can choose a specific start and end date so that you can view the analytics for that specific period. That way, you can see how well your posts are performing compared to, for example, a year ago.