Workspaces As One Size-Fits-All Solution

Manage several brands, businesses, or clients by organizing
the social accounts, members, posts, assets, and insights into dedicated spaces.

Create a Workspace
Creating Workspaces and Collaborations
Switch between workspaces.

Create Multiple Workspaces

With Publer, you can easily manage your workflow by creating a workspace for each brand, business, or client that you are currently working on.

Using the same Publer account, without logging out, you can switch between workspaces in just a few clicks.

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Collaborate with other members

Invite Members

Invite new members using an email address and decide their access on your workspace as an admin or as an editor. Give them access to all your social accounts or only specific ones.

You can change the member's roles and permission levels at any time.

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Manage members in Publer.

Pick the Right Role for Your Members

Publer’s Workspaces are a great fit for employees, clients, collaborators, freelancers, or seasonal guests because you can easily avoid password exchange and keep your credentials safe!

Start Collaborating
Member as an admin in Publer.

When do you need an Admin?

An Admin has a crucial role over the accounts they’ve been assigned. In a few words, they are the “control-freaks” of each workspace.

If you're adding a new member who can have full posting access, such as approving, deleting, or editing all posts for the assigned social accounts, then you need to assign to them the admin role.

They can also modify settings for the assigned social accounts, edit the workspace’s name or photo, and manage other Editors.

When do you need an Editor?

Editors are the backbone of a workspace. They are the content creators and social media moguls that ensure an online presence for each of the channels.

Assign "Full Posting Access" to give them full creative control, or choose "Approval Needed" so they can collaborate with Admins of the workspace.

Add a member as an editor if you want to add a client to revise the work, a freelancer who will be with your company for a short time, or a content creator who will create posts and manage your social media channels.

Manage editors in Publer.
Manage Social Accounts

Manage Social Accounts

When we defined workspaces as a one-size-fits-all solution, this is what we meant. All social media accounts and members in one dashboard!

With Publer's workspaces, you can easily view and manage all the assigned social accounts. Add, edit, reauthorize and remove accounts with the owner/admin role.

You will also get notified for every post that requires approval and decide to approve or send it back to the editor for any last improvements.

Connect your Social Accounts

View Every Member's Calendar

Calendar view is in full screen mode! This leads to monitoring what your marketing team is working on, on a high definition view!

Click on the calendar, filter posts by type or by member, and view all of their scheduled posts at a glance. This is great for spotting any last edits.

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Calendar in Publer.
Monitor analytics

Monitor Analytics

Easily monitor what each member is working on and how their efforts perform on each social media platform — all in one place.

Stay updated with your brand's statistics for every social network, export insights to a PDF and keep up the great work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions and answers related to workspaces and collaborations.If you’re still not finding what you need, chat with us or visit our Help Center.
Can I add my clients to my workspace in Publer?

While there is not a specific role for the client at the moment, they can still be a part of the workspace as either an Admin or Editor, where they can be a part of the workflow.

How many workspaces can I use on Publer?

The number of workspaces you can have on Publer is infinite with the Professional or Business plans. Each workspace may represent a business, a brand, or a client you're working on. The number of social accounts and members that you can have depends on your subscription. You can increase or decrease that number at any time at your Billing page on Publer.

Can I see which posts a specific member created?

You can filter all the posts for a specific workspace/account by member. Moreover, you can filter Analytics by member so that you see how well the posts of that member performed.

What social accounts can my members see?

As the Owner, you can specify which social accounts a member has access to. Thus, they will only be able to see and manage the social accounts that you have assigned to them.

Can I move a member from one workspace to another?

That is not possible, however, you can easily add a member in more than one workspace on Publer and it will still count as one member.