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Let the Smooth Scheduling Experience Begin!

Craft new social media posts individually or in bulk and aesthetically organize them on the calendar. Drag & drop, find new content ideas, filter, and search as needed.

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Let the smooth scheduling experience begin with Publer's calendar.
Manage posts easily using Publer

Manage Posts Easily

Publer’s virtual calendar simplifies your work management. Posts will display on the calendar with their respective icons (draft, manually scheduled, recycling, recurring, and already posted).

You can create brand new posts right from the calendar. Pick the desired social network, click the + icon below a date, and start composing!

There’s also a drag & drop superpower that will help you change the date of a post in a second.

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Filter Posts

Don’t let yourself get distracted by a jungle of posts your members and you have prepared for the following months. If you want to focus solely on a few upcoming posts, Publer gives you filter options for organizing, categorizing, and prioritizing your work.

Filter posts by social account or member.

Switch between months, weeks, & days in a click.

Search by text content and keywords.

Publer's calendar view filters
Social Media Holiday Calendar

Every Day is a Holiday!

Keeping content fresh and creative is key. To make things easier for you, we've created a visual calendar with national, international and awareness social media holidays, along with their related keywords. Keep up with our holiday calendar monthly updates.

Every day is a holiday!
Predict Evergreen Content

Predict Evergreen Content

Make your content valuable and keep your business' online reputation flourishing.

Examine evergreen content you've prepared in advance and view any previously automated content.

Boost SEO efforts, constantly reach potential people, build an audience, and keep having an active social media feed with timeless, relevant, and valuable information.

View Timeslots and Best Times to Post

Publer makes it easier to boost engagement, improve ROI, and run your business better - by displaying the best times to post.

The algorithm allows you to select the daily peak engagement based on previous posts. We collect the posts that have generated the most engagement and determine the best-performing time of the day.

If you have prepared a detailed posting schedule, every timeslot will appear on the virtual calendar so you can manage future posts with peace of mind.

View timeslots and best times to post

Instagram Feed Preview

Refine an aesthetic Instagram feed by planning out visuals one by one or in bulk. Import or design brand new marketing visuals, easily filter, and automatically schedule posts with pre-set posting timeslots. One drag and drop away from creating a visually appealing Instagram feed.

Instagram Feed Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions and answers related to the visual calendar.If you’re still not finding what you need, chat with us or visit our Help Center.

How can I preview posts from the calendar?

There are two ways you can preview posts on the calendar: 1. By clicking on a specific media and selecting the small eye icon at the bottom. 2. Select the daily view, select the desired date, and Publer will allow you to preview posts in real-time on the right side of the screen.

Can I also view posts that I manually share?

Yes. Publer allows you to turn on the synchronization for all posts that you manually share, too. These settings are account specific, meaning that you get to pick which manual posts you want to see on the calendar and which do not.

I can’t find my Drafts on the virtual calendar. What should I do?

If you can’t find Draft posts on the calendar, that means that you haven’t added a date and time to that post before saving it as a Draft, and also, you haven’t specified the social account t belongs to. Therefore, it can’t be located anywhere.In order to find them, go to Posts and filter by Drafts; find the post you want and click Use; select a social account on the left, and then hit Drafts - here’s where you can also set up the time and time this post is supposed to be published.

Can I go a specific date in the past/future fast?

Sure thing! On the virtual calendar, you can find a small calendar icon at the top filters’ menu. If you click it, you can select the desired date you want to be jumped at in a second. Also, to get back where you were, simply hit the target icon next to it and Publer will bring you to the current date.