Stand out with Social Media Content Curation

Develop a strategic social media marketing plan by utilizing all the features that Publer provides. Personalize your online presence by carefully curating your posts: format the text, preview posts, and save time.

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Give power to your Link in Bio on Instagram.

Curate text

Build a content marketing strategy by discovering all our helpful and intuitive built-in tools.

Convert pieces of your text into bold and italic with our formatting tools.

Keep track of the character count in real-time.

Use the emoji picker to give life to the content and express thoughts better.

Keep your audience focused and make the content sharable by pointing out your thoughts in a simplified way.

Curate text in Publer.
Curate visuals with Publer.
Import or design new media

Curate visuals

Trigger clicks and reach your online marketing goals easily by implementing a visual content strategy.

Import media from Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Unsplash, Media Library, external URLs, or your local storage.

Design unique photo illustrations with Canva on Publer using the built-in button with a dedicated dashboard and all features that your plan allows.

Create visually attractive marketing videos with VistaCreate using some of the Pro features at no extra cost.

Maintain a strong brand presence with visual content that lead to a loyal audience!

Customize Posts for Each Social Network

Every social network is different, so your posts should be formatted differently. Why? Tweets can be up to 280 characters long, while LinkedIn supports longer content for example. ach platform displays visual content differently too—photos on Instagram will look different than they do on Facebook or Twitter. Creating similar, but not identical content for each platform is essential for high engagement.

Customize posts for each social network.

Tools You Can’t Afford To Miss Out


Adding a location on your posts can improve engagement and reach.

Media Options

Protect your visual content by using customizable watermarks.


Add contact info or repetitive hashtags by default at the bottom of your content.

Follow-up comments

Keep your content nice and clean by adding extra information in the comments.

Auto Share

Cross-promote your content to reach potential customers on multiple socials.

Auto Delete

Automate the deletion of posts by setting an expiration date. Great for limited time offers!

Sneak peek

Preview Posts

Preview posts before scheduling, in real-time.

Check image sizes and see if they fit perfectly for every account.

View how your content will look on both mobile and desktop.

Double-check the correct placement of hashtags and all {{shortcodes}}.

With our Preview Posts feature, you can spot and avoid any typos before they go live. We’ve all been there.

Preview Posts using Publer.
Create multiple posts in bulk
Bulk Schedule

Create Multiple Posts in Bulk

Publer’s composer is part of an intuitive dashboard, where you can create unique posts effortlessly.

Each post can be individually modified by using the corresponding content, links, and visuals. Besides that, you can pick a different scheduling method for each of the posts: manually, adding the time and date; automatically, using a specific time slot; recycling and recurring.

Curating visuals with the built-in editor

Built-in Photo Editor

Choose a channel-specific aspect ratio and quickly edit your visuals.

You don’t need to worry about creating several versions of an image for each platform.

Resize, filter, and add visual elements to your photo and instantly schedule the design to all your social accounts in Publer.

Ensure consistency for your Instagram Feed by editing your photos from within the Feed Preview for last minute changes.

Create multiple posts in bulk

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions and answers related to content curation. If you’re still not finding what you need, chat with us or visit our visit our Help Center

Why does the character count increase when I make the text bold/italic?

Bold and italic formats are Unicode characters, and they take up double the space. Therefore, we increase the number of characters to give you an accurate tally in real-time. We highly recommend you use follow-up comments to continue your thoughts.

Can I edit CSV posts after adding them to Publer?

Yes, you can. As soon as you get notified about the CSV file successful import, click on it, and every post will be displayed on the Editor if you want to make any changes. To quickly find the post you want to edit, go to the Calendar, filter according to your needs, click on the post, and make the changes.

What happens if I accidentally add more than the allowed number of characters on different posts?

Nothing to worry about! Publer notifies you immediately if you’ve reached or surpassed the allowed number of characters.

Why aren’t links generating the proper thumbnail?

Publer cannot control how social media channels will render the preview image for your links. You need to make sure that you have added the proper meta tags or verified the domain ownership, in the case of Facebook. Click here to learn more.

Why aren’t links being shortened when I preview them even though I have enabled link-shortening?

In order to avoid shortening a link twice, the links will only be shortened once you have scheduled the post. Thus, after enabling link-shortening for a specific account and creating and scheduling a link post, you will be able to see the short version of the link under the Posts > Scheduled category.

Why are emojis showing up differently from what is shown on Publer?

Emojis show up differently depending on which operating system you are using. Moreover, keep in mind that each social network has a different set of emojis from others, thus, when posted, they will show up depending on the social network’s emoji format.