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How to Use Social Media Analytics Tools for Better Engagement

July 07, 2023
Social media analytics tools

With social media marketing becoming increasingly important for overall marketing success, it’s crucial to track your social media posts with management tools to gather important strategic marketing information.

Since a lot of consumer data is shared on social media every day, social media analytics tools have become essential for analyzing your content and posts and how to plan a better strategy.

Moreover, by using social media analytics tools, you can improve your marketing efforts and even shape product strategies.

Learn today how to use social media analytics tools to track your performance, why it is important and the main types of social media analytics reports you need to know.

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Why is it Important to Track Your Social Media Posts?

Most social media tools have integrated analytics and insights that provide valuable data for generating performance reports. You can share these reports with your team, stakeholders, and superiors to offer valuable insights into the performance of your social media efforts and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies.

Additionally, these reports help you determine the effectiveness of your social media efforts and identify areas for improvement.

Here are some key things you can do with the analytics feature.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience’s demographics and preferred social media platforms.
  • Identify the social platforms that attract the highest volume of traffic.
  • Determine the type of social content that drives the most conversions, engagements, and other desired actions.
  • Discover the social media posts that have the broadest reach and resonate most effectively with your audience on specific platforms.
  • Evaluate the success and failures of your social media campaigns throughout their duration and after completion.
  • Develop a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with your business’s specific goals, including marketing and sales.

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Types of Social Media Analytics Reports

The term “analytics and insights” is quite broad. Let’s delve into more specific details about the various types of analytics reports available for social media.


Followers’ insights provide valuable information and analytics about the audience following a social media account. You will see an increase or decrease in followers for the period that you choose. In this case, you are seeing the followers on Publer for a particular social media. The total number of followers is 3.6K, which represents a growth of 3.82%.

social media analytics tools

2. Demographics (Gender, Age)

Here is more detailed data for your followers. These insights reveal important demographic data such as age, gender, and location of your followers.

You will find the demographics on Publer in the following image. This information helps social media managers and marketers understand their audience better, tailor content to their preferences, and make informed decisions to optimize their social media strategies.

gender, age stats

3. Top Countries

Gain further insights about your audience with a list of the top countries where your followers are located. This valuable data can be used to customize your content and make it more relevant to your audience.

4. Post Reach

Post reach gives an understanding of how many unique users have seen a particular post and how far it has reached within the platform’s user base.

It includes metrics such as impressions, which represent the total number of times a post was displayed on users’ screens.

post reach

5. Post Engagement

Post engagement insights include metrics that measure the level of engagement a post receives from the audience. Some common engagement metrics include likes, comments, shares, and saves.

Likes: The number of users who have shown their appreciation for the post by clicking the “like” button.

Comments: The number of users who have left comments on the post, indicating their thoughts, opinions, or feedback.

Shares: The number of users who have shared the post on their own profiles or with their connections, expanding the reach of the content.

Saves: The number of users who have saved the post for future reference, showing a higher level of interest in the content.

Here’s how it appears the post engagement insights on Publer:

post engagement

6. Video Views and Business Views

Furthermore, within a single platform, you can easily check video views, including those on TikTok or Instagram Reels. This data simplifies the process. It makes it easier and more time-efficient to gain a comprehensive understanding of what strategies are effective and which ones are not.

video views

Below, you’ll find the analytics of your Google My Business, revealing the number of website clicks generated through it. It’s essential to regularly check your GMB profile and ensure that the information is up to date.

website clicks

Learn more about how to update your GMB profile and also post through Publer.

7. Best Time to Post

Make the most of this exceptional analytics feature that you should use today. Simply click on one of the more prominent squares, and it will reveal the optimal date and time for your posts. With just a simple click on the “create post” button, and perform better than ever before.

best times to post for social media

Don’t miss out! Begin today and post during the optimal times when your audience is most active. Start your free trial!

9. Link Clicks, Website Clicks and Link in Bio Clicks

Link Clicks: This metric tracks the number of times a link included in a social media post or ad has been clicked by users. It indicates the level of interest and engagement generated by the shared link.

Website Clicks: Website Clicks measure the number of clicks that specifically lead users to a designated website. This metric helps assess the success of directing social media traffic to a particular web address or landing page.

link clicks social media

Link in Bio Clicks: On platforms like Instagram, where a single link can be included in the account’s bio section, Link in Bio Clicks tracks the number of clicks on that link. It enables users to drive traffic to a specific website or landing page, making it valuable for businesses and influencers.

link in bio clicks instagram

You have the ability to create an Instagram Link in Bio that functions as a mini website for your reels and feed posts. This article provides a detailed explanation of how you can transform your Instagram link in bio into a clickable website.

link in bio instagram

Final Words

Tracking your posts using social media analytics tools will help you:

  • Improve your ROI
  • Connect with Potential Customers
  • Identify Evergreen Content

Don’t miss out if you’re a freelancer, marketer, or content manager! Using analytics is crucial for your success. Give Publer’s free trial for the Business plan a try today and explore your analytics firsthand.

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