The Truth Behind Social Media Colors: Branding Explained

March 03, 2020

It only takes a second for a person to fall in love with a specific color and years to fall out of it.

The beauty behind the colors has always been a great discussion in different articles and televisions. How do you enjoy your plate or room color to be? Different preferences have always distinguished human beings (and not only). What’s the beauty and psychology behind the primary Social Media colors used in branding?

Let’s start with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Their memorable color is blue and we even specify them as the ‘Blue Social Medias’. Why did Mark Zuckenberg, Jack Dorsey and Jedd Weiner chose Blue, when they had a large number of amazing other colors to choose from for their multi-millionaire social platforms?

Blue is one of the colors of the Earth and so, it is very inspiring. During millennials, it has inspired thousands of artists worldwide and has deeply made an impact on our lives. Besides the fact that Mark is colorblind and blue is one of the colors he can luckily see, it is a very peaceful and strong color at the same time. It is peaceful because people like to meditate next to a waterfall or in an open field (where nothing covers the sky), but it is also strong because it is the cleanest and scientifically proven: productive color.

According to, blue is nothing compared to other colors, which unconsciously increases organic optimism and it amazingly reduces stress. This is truly what your social life needs, right? Smoothly integrate with productive conversations via these platforms to generate highly genuine feedback, whether it is with your friends or clients.

Nice job Mark, Jack, and Jeff! Intuitive and positive.

Regardless of the psychological benefits of the Blue color, amazingly chosen messages are being transmitted from other Social Media platforms.

What’s with red? The tension vs the passion.

Say hello to Pinterest. Why did it choose the ‘urgent’ color to determine its work?

Pinterest is well known for its inspirational photos regarding WHATEVER you want, whether you want to decorate your house, find a perfect creme for your skin, create an idea of your next photoshoot, etc. What seems more logical in the usage of color red is the fact that people are looking for fast solutions to a fast event or answer. Having a great platform showing you what your eyes need to see and your clients need to hear (including quotes and recent technological/ blogging inventions) is considered an amazing combination of the passion and the excitement someone works for.

Resisting time and its opponents, taking care of the strict front appearance (artificially stealing your thoughts according to what you searched last) and warm-welcoming whenever you get back at it.

Are we right Mr. Ben Silbermann? Thanks for being so universal!

social media colors
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

And last, but not least: colorful Social Media platform: the one you use most; the one closer to your friends, family or clients; the one you wake up to- Instagram.

What about your undecided and unique logo Instagram?

Rainbow colors signify the tolerance and the unity of all types of people: tastes, sexuality, moods and so on.

What better than a mix of amazingly proportioned gradient of colors would represent the importance of different details (yet similar), which nobody spends too much time to notice, would make Instagram be Instagram?

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