Tips & Tricks of Writing the proper Instagram Caption

When it comes to writing correctly, Instagram has got some specific rules (which we strongly think they change every now and then). Aiming to write new lines, adjust the right emojis to your caption or attach your favourite #hashtags wherever you want? Hold up. 

First of all, let’s understand what Captions are really made of. 

What are Line Breaks and why do we need to use them on Instagram Captions?

Line Breaks are blank spaces used to separate sentences (paragraphs). Their absence might affect a text’s meaning and make it less attractive to the reader. Many bloggers write their articles on an Instagram Caption, but if there are no blank lines between the paragraphs, almost nobody will understand the context or just skip the reading.

and #Hashtags

It is quite important to add emojis to your text while writing your Instagram Caption if you are trying to sound less formal. Adding the proper emojis on a text is very tricky because you want to ‘write your body language’. According to, emojis should be relevant enough to represent a good brand’s image and an easier way to be understood by the audience (the human beings who are following the brand).

Also, hashtags are an essential part of your caption, because they help the brand get noticed and boost its visibility. By specifying the proper hashtags, your social accounts will automatically become a huge part of a community, whose focus is to have an oriented online presence.

Many brands use multiple hashtags to target a very wide audience, but forget about the fact that this way they might seem ‘desperate’.

Publer provides a very powerful tool, which will help you keep your content nice and clean by ‘hiding’ the hashtags. Our favourite feature for Instagram is called ‘Follow-up-Comment’. It is selected by the user and provides the option of writing the preferred hashtags as a comment.

Decide which hashtags you want to write, select a time the comment will be made and boom: you have got yourself a decent Instagram post. Try it now.

What are the Tricks you need to know when you write an Instagram Caption?

1. Avoid direct writing to Instagram.

The best way to keep a decent text with the right separated paragraphs is to previously write your text somewhere else. The text written on a Notes app will be (almost) 100% the same and this way you don’t have to be doing extra manual modifications.

Publer now provides a helpful way to check your caption before the post goes online: Preview Feature. By previewing the post, you will be able to make the preferred changes and never receive a bitter surprise.

It’s easy:

  • Design a new post for Instagram.
  • Hit the ‘Preview‘ button.

2. Avoid extra spaces in the end of a sentence.

If you are trying to write separated paragraphs on an Instagram Caption, you should remove ALL the spaces in the end of the last sentence of each paragraph.

This way you can control and save the text formatting exactly how you want to see it online.

With space
Without a space

3. Emojis- Do NOT use them in the beginning or in the end of a sentence.

The text format is very sensitive to extra details. Emojis aren’t really welcomed, when it comes to start/ finish a sentence with them.

According to, every user should try to insert emojis in between the text, because Instagram has full-control on how captions are displayed and will definitely be affected by them.

As we mentioned in the beginning, Instagram changes its rules about the Caption display very often, so we will keep you updated anytime. Remember: There are tens of versions regarding Instagram Captions, so find whichever suits your needs.

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