Publer Partners Up with Zapier with New Integration

December 08, 2020

Among all other integration partners, we’re officially announcing: ‘The one with Zapier’.

You already know, but to us, here’s what Zapier is:

Zapier is an easy-to-use tool that completes fast tasks. Digitalization continues to rise and we’re always looking for ways to simplify the work while using professional methods.

With over 40K users, Publer believes in the magic of getting things done easily and with less effort. And here we go, partnering with one of the most popular automation tools that counts over 1K partners and growing *every day!* – Zapier.

As a safe and modern software, Zapier completes tasks that users want between healthy and useful platforms.

Believing in Zapier is one thing – but, seeing results is where the game starts to change.

Since our first integrations with Zapier, respectively Pinterest and Instagram for Business, we’ve received tons of feedback. People were already using Zapier and a Free account would be enough for as long as they were active on those social platforms.

Benefits of being Zapier partners

Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities

Zapier’s library consists of over 1000 apps. Every app provides automated integrations that help smooth the workflow. There are tons of apps suggested on Publer’s Feedback Page. Therefore, we’re one step closer to bringing them for our customers.

Zapier also promotes partners. That means Publer will be part of their email marketing campaigns, social media feeds, blog updates, etc. This way, Publer will be found by millions of Zapier users easily. Being a trusted automation tool, we know Publer is about to welcome new potential customers!

There is a discovery by 2 million + customers on Zapier.

Publer counts hundreds of Brand Ambassadors who aim to spread the word, share personal links with their audience, etc. And now, here’s a new powerful partnership to help boost the profits!

Zapier on Publer’s landing page

What to expect from this partnership

Publer and Zapier have loyal customers, partners, integrations, and are ways to stand out. They both provide services that come in handy.

They both count years of experience and have learnt from best practices.

As mentioned above, among all other integrations, Publer decided to integrate Zapier in May 2020. The benefits and support were absolutely impressive throughout the whole experience. That’s why we’re aiming to integrate more digital tools.

Zapier avoids all API-kind of restrictions. There are easy landing pages that don’t need tech-related experience.

This partnerships will bring so many opportunities.


Whenever your page gets mentioned by someone on Twitter, Publer will automatically create a Draft Retweet. Then, you can go to Drafts -> Start using it by scheduling it or posting it right away.

And just like the cherry on top, Publer teams up with Zapier at the end of such a remarkable digital year.

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