Jorgo Qirjaj

Hello πŸ‘‹

this is Jorgo Qirjaj

A Product Enthusiast specializing in Technical Customer Support Relations.

Identifying and understanding customer needs to help expand and improve product features at Publer.

I have been a part of Publer for more than a year now as a Technical Customer Support representative β€” a role that has allowed me to practice both my technical and soft skills.

As a fresh Computer Science graduate of the American University in Bulgaria, with two minors in Mathematics and Information Systems, I am equipped with the necessary experience and skills that I now apply in the SaaS industry.

Customer success and user experience are the two main pillars of my role at Publer. As a person who embraces change, I find problems to be the perfect starting point for exactly that β€” any problems that our customers are facing are potential gateways to new and better versions of our product.

I believe in creating a product where customers are an essential part of improving its experience and where the team grows through constant understanding, learning, and experimenting.

Publer's team retreat
With from Albania πŸ‡¦πŸ‡± and Kosovo πŸ‡½πŸ‡°