HootSuite Alternatives: 7 Best Social Media Management Tools

March 08, 2022
hootsuite alternatives

Is HootSuite not up to the task of staying on top of your social media accounts?

If so, social networking tool with more functionality, an improved user experience, or a reasonable price for teams and reporting may be on your wish list.

The use of social media and media platforms by businesses of all sizes is becoming increasingly important for reaching out to their target audiences.

According to several studies and analyses, Facebook is the biggest player, followed closely by Twitter and Instagram. Marketers are also looking towards platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn as potential platforms for their products.

Different companies use HootSuite and or HootSuite alternatives to manage their social media accounts.

Marketers save time and effort by using social media management applications to serve people across many social media channels simultaneously.

What Does Social Media Management Software Do?

Social media management tools are meant to make it easy for an individual user to post content and monitor activity on many social media platforms, with all-in-one software. You can reply to comments and messages from customers directly from one place. It will also streamline operations when organizations manage social media platforms together in one location. 

Sharing and scheduling material to your social networks has never been easier. It’s possible to manage most of the leading social networks from one account using HootSuite alternatives like Publer, Sprout Social, and MeetEdgar.

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What Features Should You Look For In A HootSuite Alternative?

1. Streamlining Social Networks

The best social media management tools revolve around distributing your content to all of your platforms. Look for a social media management platform with integrations from your most-used platforms, this way you won’t have to keep switching between windows or logging in and out all the time. This is one of the most significant features you should look for in a HootSuite alternative.

2. Content Automation

Who doesn’t love automation and an easy-to-use solution that can simultaneously schedule all of your content on several networks? That’s where social media management platforms come into action and outperform most humans. 

3. Analytics

The third essential feature for a HootSuite alternative is analytics. It’s essential to have social media analytics to gain real-time insights and develop new social media strategies. Use analytics to collect information about your audience and optimize your content and schedule to suit their engagement habits. 

4. Moderation and Engagement

Keeping tabs on your brand’s online comments and replying to them is the objective social media monitoring. Moderation can help protect your brand’s image by keeping an eye on potentially damaging information (legitimate or not) about your company being shared publically and aid in improving a brand’s reputation among customers.

7 Best HootSuite Alternatives

1. Publer

publer-plans-and -pricing

The first HootSuite alternative on our list is Publer.

Using Publer, you can collaborate, schedule, and analyze your posts across various platforms, including social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and WordPress. Publer is the best social media management tool if you’re looking to optimize and build your social media presence in a competitive space.

Here’s why:

AutoScheduling: If you don’t have time to plan your posts manually, Publer can do it for you, depending on a pre-defined publishing schedule or an upcycle on your evergreen content. Publer uses specified configurations to identify the best available time slot to post. 

Set up a publishing schedule that suits your requirements with the appropriate times and days, labels, and the sort of post you want to make. From links, GIFs, to photos.

Added Watermarks to Videos and Photos: When it comes to protecting your images or digital work, watermarking is the simplest method. You can also use watermarks in advertising campaigns.

Publer automatically watermarks your photos and videos to save you time and effort.

URL Shortener: Link shortening is a method that reduces the length of URLs while still referring to the same destination. Instead of complete URLs, most links published on social media are shortened links.

Schedule, collaborate, & analyze!

Publer does it all! 

2. Sprout Social

sprout social homepage

Sprout Social is another HootSuite alternative to optimize your social media accounts.

Through the use of industry-leading technologies for interaction, publishing, analytics, and team collaboration, Sprout Social drives social media communication. Businesses may use Sprout Social’s platform to manage interaction, posting, and analytics.

Sprout Social is founded on the notion that companies and customers benefit from open communication.

With clients, prospects, and enthusiasts in mind, they’re here to help. The software has useful features to help companies create long-term connections with customers.

3. Buffer

buffer homepage

Using Buffer, you can plan out your social media posts for a range of well-known social networks, all at once.

Post scheduling is the primary focus of this software. Buffer is a great social media management application for small businesses with limited resources. Their new engagement features have fixed their main flaws, making them an excellent all-around social media management service.

Buffer is one best social media management tools in terms of social media posting and interaction.

4. MeetEdgar

meetedgar homepage

MeetEdgar is an AI-powered social media assistant platform. This HootSuite alternative will search for your content before requesting and propose publication schedules depending on your audience’s behavior.

Set up a recurring publishing schedule and maximize content use to suit your communication goals using this tool. It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social networks.

It links with content and lets you generate many posts for every type of content you have, increasing your exposure with each piece of content in your portfolio.

5. eClincher

eclincher homepage

eClincher provides an all-inclusive social media marketing and customer service platform. This tool is a one-place solution for managing social media profiles.

Users of eClincher may set up monitoring channels to keep tabs on specific hashtags and keywords. A great approach to uncover new leads, follow rivals, find patterns, and track brand mentions. 

A live analytics interface in eClincher is also available, with the ability to link Google Analytics accounts, offering customers real-time insights into follower patterns, brand mentions, post success, web analytics, referral domains, and much more.

6. Sendible

Sendible’s platform incorporates all your social networks, making it the simplest method to implement a winning social media strategy for many companies.

Sendible’s strong social media interaction, monitoring, posting, and reporting capabilities let you delight your clients at every stage.

Sendible’s social media automation tools make it easier to drive interactions, create a following, and initiate discussions.

You can present informative and visually appealing data about your social media progress with good social media reports.

7. AgoraPulse

agorapulse homepage

AgoraPulse is a one-stop social media marketing, management, and tracking solution. They are currently focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It assists smaller companies with limited social media marketing costs to do their marketing, they offer affordable pricing, especially for smaller companies with a smaller budget.

With everything from moderation to competitiveness, AgoraPulse has analytics features that are easy to understand. AgoraPulse’s analytics is similar to those available in Facebook’s Insights section.

Key Takeaways

Companies and social media managers need social media management software to develop a solid social media presence.

Marketing insights will help establish a firm grasp of the primary social platform dynamics. These tools promote quality work in less time. And, many HootSuite Alternatives provide free accounts with unlimited curated posts and paid analytics for better social media management.

Benefits of social media management tools:

  • Increase social accountability
  • Analyze your accounts’ performance
  • Keep up with your competitors
  • Manage an effective customer relationship
  • Achieve better team collaboration

Looking to automate your social media management? Sign up for a free account with Publer!

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