Frequent Questions

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A: Currently you can use Publer for your Facebook Pages, Locations & Groups, your Instagram Profile & Business accounts, your Twitter accounts, your LinkedIn Profile & Pages, your Pinterest Personal & Business accounts and your Google My Business locations. We're constantly working on supporting more social networks.

Pinterest and Instagram integrations are for the moment available only to the paying customers.

P.S. You cannot use Publer for your Facebook personal profile nor for the Facebook Groups you're not an admin of as Facebook API does not allow 3rd party to perform actions on these endpoints.

A: When scheduling videos, the watermarking process is done in the background in order to not keep you waiting since it's relatively a long process.

As soon as watermarking is completed, we will update your scheduled post with the new watermarked video.

If Publer did not have enough time to finish watermarking your video before the scheduled time, the original video will be posted instead.

Since there may be tons of other videos waiting to be watermarked, make sure that you select a date as far in advance as possible in order to give Publer enough time to finish watermarking your video. You can always Post right away. Your video will be given priority, but you will have to wait until watermarking is completed.

A: This is a known Facebook bug and it happens when you create or have been assigned to a new Page.

Go to and search for Publer. Click on it once it shows up and at the bottom of the popup click "Remove business integration". This will simply disconnect your Facebook account from Publer. It won't remove your already published posts, unless you specify so.

Now go back to Publer and try to add the missing Page(s). You will be asked to give us the same permissions you did the first time.

This will basically reconnect Publer with your Facebook. Make sure you reauthenticate the rest of the Facebook accounts that you had previously added to Publer, if any.

A: Once you have selected at least one Facebook account on the right, below the composer you will see a bunch of buttons. The first one is the Media Options button. This is the one you need.

There you will be able to select an existing album other from the Timeline photos, or create a new one altogether. It also gives you the option to watermark your photos with your own logo.

While we're working on a comprehensive tutorial, take look at the following screencast.

A: Did you purchase the right plan? Keep in mind that only the highest paid plan (Publer Aurum) lets you schedule Multi-Photo posts / Photo Albums and Videos.

If you did purchase Publer Argentum instead, simply cancel your current subscription and purchase the right plan. We will instantly refund you your first payment. If this isn't your case, contact us below and we will help you.

A: Facebook must have changed something on their side that is making recent uploaded photos go to the beginning of the album instead of at the end. This recently started happening and at the moment there's not that much we can do.

Hopefully they're working on something and will eventually fix it, or at least give 3rd party apps the option to choose whether the photos should go at the beginning or at the end of the albums.

A: We currently don't have an Android / iOS app yet, but we're planning to do so in a few months. Meanwhile you can access Publer using your favorite browser on your phone, tablet or PC as it is optimized for any device.


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