Auto-Schedule: Save Time by Automating Your Post Scheduling

May 31, 2016
Auto Schedule

Aren’t you tired of manually scheduling your social media posts? Isn’t it tedious having to select the times for your posts over and over again when you could simply auto schedule?

It doesn’t matter what scheduler you use, the bottom line is: manually scheduling your posts is still time-consuming!

auto schedule

Not to talk about having to keep track of the times so that you don’t double post or post too frequently. Too many clicks, too many open tabs, and a lot to remember. You agree?

Introducing Publer’s Superpower: Auto Scheduling!

Predefined Time Slots

A time slot is basically a time of the day in which you want something posted. You need to set your desired time slots for each social account that you manage. A one-time thing, a couple of clicks.

Auto scheduliing on Publer

To do so:

  • Go to Accounts on top of the dashboard.
  • Select the social account you want to create a posting schedule for.
  • Select Posting Schedule – the second option on the left.

There are 2 options for you to select: Create Timeslot (by using the + icon once you hover the mouse to the dashboard) & Autofill (at the top right corner)

Create Timeslot (with the + icon)

  • Hover the mouse to the desired day and you’ll see a ‘+’ icon showing. This icon allows you to choose a time, the days, and the post type you want. For example, you want to share posts that contain photos on Wednesdays at 8 AM. This way, you can add the time and the day, and a label (optional) for that specific posting schedule. Check the image below:

auto schedule

You can do the exact same thing if you want to prepare a schedule for your videos, Gifs, text-only, and links too. There are truly multiple scenarios when it comes to the posting schedule options. You can create multiple posting schedules per the same post type (i.e photos) but name them differently. That’s all up to you!

Keep in mind that the number of time slots per day cannot be bigger than the daily post limit of the social account you’re configuring.

If you want to duplicate the posting schedule across multiple social accounts:

  • Go to Accounts
  • Select Settings on the left
  • Choose Duplicate Settings and select the social accounts you want the same posting schedule (let’s suppose you want the same agenda for Facebook and LinkedIn)

Unless you want to change your posting schedule, you no longer have to mess with the time slots ever again.

When you’re creating a new post, you can click Schedule (the green button on the main page), select AutoSchedule, and if you have a name for the slots, select it. Or, simply hit AutoSchedule (after you’ve selected it), and Publer will find the next available time slot and schedule your new post for you. Think of it as having a queue and every time you AutoSchedule something, it will automatically go into that queue.

Among all of the options above, you can also decide the priority of the posts: Schedule at the top of the queue; Schedule after (add a specific date); Schedule before (a specific date). Learn more here.

AutoScheduling feature

Mix Up Your Content

Sometimes, it’s nice to mix up the content you post on social media. You may want to post a photo, then a link, then another photo, then a video, and so on. This is why for each time slot that you define you have the option to specify what should get scheduled/posted in that time slot.

Whether you want a status update, a photo, a link … or any post type if you simply want to fill the queue.

Auto Schedule - Mix Up Your Content

Labeling Time Slots

We took it another step further. We wanted you to be able to personalize your time slots by labeling them. Not only that, but this also helps Publer finding the perfect available time slot when he’s scheduling the posts for you.

Does This Come With The Free Version

The answer is YES. With the free version, you can have up to 10 pending scheduled posts at a time for each social account. You shouldn’t be posting more than 10 times a day, and now you can AutoSchedule those 10 posts.

Can Other Admins Edit The Time Slots

Yes. Predefined time slots are per Social Account, not per user. Every other admin that uses Publer will be able to use, edit and even delete the time slots that you or any other admin might have defined for that specific Page, Group or Location. This way each Admin can contribute with content without having to worry about any conflicts.

What Happens if I Delete A Time Slot

Scheduled posts (if any) attached to that time slot won’t be affected. If on the other hand you delete a posts that was AutoScheduled, that time slot will become available again and will be used the next time you AutoSchedule something. The same thing applies when moving/rescheduling posts that were AutoScheduled.

What Happens If I Manually Schedule A Post At The Same Time As A Predefined Time Slot

You’re basically filling that time slot manually. When AutoScheduling, Publer will see that there’s already a post in that time slot and will look for the next available time slot.

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