Best Time To Send An Email According to Publer

July 06, 2022
Best Time To Send An Email

Hey Publer, when is the best time to send an email? Every company that wants to create leads and eventually convert them into paying customers must send emails. Your cold emails ought to be relevant to the recipient and tailored to your targeted audience. Utilizing an automated sales outreach platform will make sending emails much easier. However, you might also ponder when exactly is the best time to plan follow-up emails and cold emails.

Your email might probably get lost in a stack of unopened messages if you hit send when the majority of your target was hurrying to work. Your marketing efforts will be in vain. 

This is every marketer’s worst nightmare. Emails are without a doubt the best way to communicate with your audience, but when is the ideal time to send them?

Subject Line

Effective email subject lines can create significant impressions on your readers. Whether or not the effort you put into your email will pay off, depends greatly on the words you choose to put together for the subject line. Your email campaigns will be of no good if your intended interest group doesn’t read them, no matter how complex or well-designed they are.

According to best practices, subject lines that are individualized, succinct, and to the point produce the best results.

Best Day to Send an Email
Best Day to Send an Email According to Publer

Best Day to Send an Email

The different researches online prove that Tuesday was “without a doubt” the most favorite day for sending emails. You can’t go wrong sending an email on Tuesday whether you have a significant email campaign coming up. Or maybe, you simply want to ensure that your boss will receive your pitch seeking to be one of the candidates for a promotion. According to research, this is the day of the week when your email is most likely to get attention.

Studies have shown that Thursday has the highest open rates and Tuesday has the highest click-through rates (CTR.) This is a crucial reminder that while marketers generally aspire for greater open rates, the optimum time to send an email also depends on the email marketing data you’re tracking. Try sending your promotional emails on Tuesdays if you want your subscribers to interact with your emails, namely by simply clicking your call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

Worst Day to Send an Email

Similar to earlier research studies, several businesses discovered that sending emails on Sunday has the poorest open and click-through rates. Why? The likelihood that someone will check their email the same evening when they are enjoying Christmas dinner with their family is minimal, therefore you may expect reduced open rates on weekends, during holidays, and on vacations.

Unexpectedly, Mondays and Fridays are not the best days to send emails, although they are still preferable over weekends. Open and click-through rates (CTR) are greater on Friday than they are on Monday.

Best Time to Send an Email

As a general rule of thumb, emails should generally be sent in the morning. Because consumers start their week by checking their smartphones for emails, marketers experience their first peak hour at 6 am.

The majority of research indicates that the ideal time to send marketing emails on Tuesday is around 10 a.m. Throughout the afternoon, the open rate is constant; however, around 6 p.m., it starts to decrease. 

It could occur as a result of users developing a weekly routine of scanning rather than thoroughly reading their emails. Set up an A/B test and send the first email at 10 a.m. and the second when you think customers are online to get a better sense of the timing. That makes it simpler to monitor the outcomes.

The peak hour for the highest open rates on Thursday is around 10 a.m., according to a Mailchimp research. Emails should be sent between 8 and 9 a.m., according to some agencies Therefore, suffice it to state that the ideal time to send emails might range from 9 to 11 a.m. However, because most offices are closed for lunch after 1 p.m., a decline in the open rate is seen.

Important factors to consider

We saw the greatest times to send emails, but there is also a belief that these times are not universally the best. There is never a single “perfect time” to contact someone because everyone is unique and has various preferences and schedules. Additionally, the timing of the email campaign is determined by what is in your email. There are actually a few factors to consider when sending emails to your prospects. 


When thinking about sending the email, it is essential to understand your target and their demographics. The best time to send an email to one group of users might not be great for another group.

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Best Time To Send An Email According to Publer

Time Zones

Always, always consider Time Zones if you are targeting worldwide users. You might think about choosing a medium ground if you’re sending a bulk email to a group of people in different time zones. If your target audience is located in both Central Europe and New York, you could time your email such that individuals in both zones could get their email in the morning and afternoon simultaneously.

Products or Services

This is yet another important aspect that impacts the timing of your email distribution. Tuesday is the ideal day if you offer B2B solutions. However, if you work in the entertainment sector, Friday or the weekend would be preferable.


The email should be created with nice graphics and simple-to-read language, focusing on the user. Since more than 42% of emails are opened and read on mobile devices, it should also be mobile-friendly.

Do you speak Mobile?

As user habits shift across devices, the conventional “ideal time to send an email” metrics are being blown to the sky. For desktop users who are opening emails at work, the typical mid-week, mid-day makes perfect sense. On the other hand, mobile users frequently remain active well into the evening.

With all of the above you clearly understand that you can not depend on some prefixed day and time, from the mass. It will be best to choose the optimum day and time of the week to send your email by taking into account consumer behavior, habits, and time zones. By doing this, you can make sure that your mail will be the first one in your prospect’s Inbox.

Test, Test, Test

How do you tell whether the time you choose was the best one? Are your open rates really high? How can you tell if your open rates are sufficient? You must compare your data to industry standards. 

Have your open rates match or exceed industry norms when you first launch your email campaigns? Run as many tests as you can to determine when the open rates will be at their highest.

The most effective day and hour to send an email, whether it is to a single person or a huge group, ultimately depends on your audience. 

Simply choose a time that is most effective for your particular audience. Each email will go to a particular group of recipients with varied online behaviors. In other words, the ideal time to send an email for your business might not be the same as the ideal moment for another enterprise.

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