Breaking News: CTA Buttons on LinkedIn Images are OUT!

CTA Buttons on LinkedIn Images are the latest feature from the giant platform that connects users and businesses worldwide.

LinkedIn keeps taking the lead among social platforms by launching new, highly-desired features. One of its ongoing goals is to facilitate users’ experience and enable them with new options to boost their account engagement. 

CTA buttons on LinkedIn images are the latest feature rolling out from LinkedIn. Adding external links to all kinds of photos is an easily accessible option. Anyone opting for new ways to improve the traffic to their website from their LinkedIn profile now has a solution!

Geri Silver (Content Manager on LinkedIn) announced the new feature specifically on the platform. She also shared an example of what we can visually expect from the new addition:

Geri Sliver post announcing CTA Buttons on LinkedIn Images as the new feature.
Courtesy by Geri Silver post on LinkedIn

Why CTA buttons on LinkedIn images are a game-changing feature?

-Better Visibility

The most critical challenge for LinkedIn users is to stop their audience from scrolling down and neglecting their posts. The best way to do this is by publishing attractive pictures and top-quality content. Now, adding CTA buttons on LinkedIn images surely helps businesses to develop better marketing strategies.

Thanks to CTA buttons on LinkedIn images, companies can quickly grab their audience’s attention and guide them towards the website, an event, webinar, or whatever is relevant for the admin.

-Faster Results

CTA buttons on LinkedIn images lead to direct conversions from LinkedIn connections to potential new clients for your business. This new feature will surely step up the game with higher engagement, leads, and conversions.

Clickable links from your photos will bring much more results, whether sharing job listings or driving sales and sign-ups. Moreover, it’s important to follow up with the latest trends online. So, benefit from new contemporary updates and let your audience know that you are a wise, modern LinkedIn user.

Limited Access

As a new feature from LinkedIn, there are still some limits in terms of who and how users can access it.

Clickable links on pictures are only available via the mobile app. Unfortunately, users cannot add CTA buttons on LinkedIn images via desktop. Still, anyone can see images with links on and also click on them from their pc (desktop interface).

Since link stickers are still rolling out, some users might have delayed access to the new feature compared to others.

How can you tell if you can add CTA buttons on LinkedIn images? Pay attention to the chainlink icon button when creating a post in the app. That’s the green light!

How does it work?

It’s the easiest addition ever! In the image below, we did a screenshot from Publer’s homepage on LinkedIn. Create a new post, continue to add a photo, (we added the screenshot), click on the chained icon, add the URL & Link Text, and there you go!

Publer capture adding CTA Buttons on LinkedIn Images

As we mentioned in the first sentences of this news article, LinkedIn always launches new features that are promising in helping its users boost their leads and improve their experience on the platform.

Thus, do not hesitate to explore new LinkedIn features and take the maximum results from them.

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