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How to Use LinkedIn CTA (Call To Action) Buttons to Grow

September 14, 2022
Learn how to benefit from LinkedIn Call-to-Action Buttons

As we’re getting closer to the end of 2022, LinkedIn CTA (call-to-action) buttons are the latest hit! The giant platform that professionally bridges the world’s corners, keeps launching new features by strengthening our relations.Β Β 

Now we’re so used to the platform that we use it daily beyond its primary objective. As we scroll through our feed, we can expect any type of post on our LinkedIn. 

Personal stories, professional tips, job ads, and network requests are all part of businesses’ marketing efforts on LinkedIn for better reach and higher engagement. 

The new feature of the platform: LinkedIn Call-to-Action Buttons

Top 5 LinkedIn Call-To-Action Buttons

Thus, LinkedIn has developed a new feature to facilitate all these efforts. Instead of asking people to follow your profile, you can easily ask them to click customized call-to-action buttons and improve your page/profile engagement.  

Anyone can choose several different “Call to Action” buttons and  the five new CTA options are:

  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Sign up
  • Visit Website

Did we already mention that you can actually see the boost in your reach and engagement for LinkedIn call-to-action buttons? The new feature goes deeper than enabling its users to add LinkedIn call-to-action buttons. Thanks to CTAs, anyone can obtain a higher level of leads. With analytics access, you can know precisely how every call-to-action generates clicks.

Start testing which CTA works best for you! 

What can you do with LinkedIn call-to-action buttons?

Top 5 LinkedIn Call-To-Action Buttons and how to add one
Image by LinkedIn blog article

-Easily guide your network

All our business marketing strategies and actions intend to show our audience that our products or services can provide solutions to them. This is why customized LinkedIn call-to-action buttons are a fantastic new feature. Because they allow every marketeer to guide the audience towards the website, an informative landing page, event, webinar, conference, or whatever is relevant. 

-Obtain higher engagement

As we already mentioned, LinkedIn call-to-action buttons will empower your analytics with higher engagement as people on the platform are prompt to check profiles and take action in exploring pages but might be hesitant to follow every profile that pops up on their feed. So, CTAs will surely help you boost leads and conversions. 

-Be contemporary

Giant IT platforms will surely keep up with new updated features. Whether it doesn’t seem like a game-changer update or you don’t fancy a specific one, these new features surely will help you reach your goals online. Being contemporary online means following up with the algorithm nicely and wisely!

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