✨ Publer Mobile APP ✨ is now available!


It has been cooking for a while now, and finally, our App Development team feels confident enough to let you enjoy all the amazing features in one easy-to-use app.

✨ We are talking about our new Publer App on App Store and Google Play! ✨

Yes, you read that right! Publer is now MOBILE and we are excited to introduce to you our fresh new app available now for all mobile users.


This means we can now all try out the mobile app and take Publer everywhere we end up this summer; scheduling and managing our posts while on the go.

Here’s what you can do with the new app

Get your phone out of your pocket and log into your Publer account to view, manage & schedule posts from all your social channels – including Facebook Pages & Groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok & Telegram.

The easy-to-use interface lets you comfortably switch between workspaces, social channels, and of course, scheduled, posted, drafted & failed posts.

From there, you can edit scheduled posts or drafts, as well as go to the published ones wherever they get posted, simply with a tap.

Notifications are now much easier to notice. They come in handy whenever something great or not-so-great happens with your Publer.

And, of course, the big + button. Well, you know what it does, and you can never miss it, even if you decide to capture the moment on a post, on the go.

The new app is waiting to be launched on your mobile, with many new features coming soon. That means you can start scheduling from your smartphone right now and expect frequent updates on our part.

We are and have been working very hard to create an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile platform and of course, your feedback is crucial to the process and very much appreciated.

✨ So, try now our Publer app, on the App Store and Google Play today, and let us know! ✨

Get Publer on your Smartphone today!

Experience Scheduling even while on the go!

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