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A Full Guide to Canva on Publer: How to Shape your Marketing Strategy

October 06, 2021
A full Guide to Canva on Publer: How to Shape your Marketing Strategy

As you might already know, Publer users can use the ultimate designing tool, Canva, within the platform.

Scheduling designs through Publer is easy, effective, and time-saving.

Publer allows you to design Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter posts, and Pinterest Pins through Canva – in a click.

Remember: You can only create/save photo illustrations on Publer. If you want to create and use video designs, you need to save them to your computer first, and then, import them into Publer.

A full Guide to Canva on Publer:
 How to Shape your Marketing Strategy

Benefits of using Canva to design social media posts on Publer:

  • Your brand needs the best online presence. Canva helps prepare unique and professional designs, without the need for you to have a graphic designer background.
  • You save local storage. There’s no need for you to save your designs twice, or drag & drop them wherever you want. You can literally let Publer handle that!
  • You save time. It’s a useful and effective way to make the most out of your time, in case you remove such extra steps from your routine.
  • It is budget-friendly. If you don’t want to pay for a pro plan, there’s always a lifetime free one you could take advantage of. The difference is that on Pro plans you can invite other members of your team to collaborate with you (on your account), have extra templates, and a professional option like the Brand Kit.
  • It provides thousands of templates, effects, text fonts, colors, etc. to choose from. It allows you to get inspiration from anything.

There are 2 ways you could use Canva and Publer:

  1. Through the built-in button on the composer

Once you’re at Publer, you can select a social account, and choose Click or Drag & Drop media.

Among all of the other options such as uploading from external URLs and your device; importing from Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Unsplash, Media Library; there are two designing tools: Canva and VistaCreate.

Canva and Publer

Once you select Canva:

  • Choose the design type (Facebook post, Instagram post, etc.) – If you have selected a specific account beforehand, Publer will automatically choose the correct design type for you. I.e, if you have selected Twitter, Publer will show the Twitter post selected.
  • Click continue and a new window will pop up (full-screen) right to your account (if you haven’t connected your Canva account to Publer, you’ll be prompted to do so, immediately).

Choosing the design type

After that, you can use all Canva features (that your plan allows):

  • Select the desired templates
  • Choose among all elements
  • Upload some media from all the options that Canva provides
  • Decide the desired text font and colors

Some extra things you didn’t know:

If you’re designing within Publer, you can scroll through all your past designs simply by clicking All your designs (the 5th option on the left).

Also, you can use the ‘Folders’ (the second option from the bottom on the left) in case you have organized all your designs (or would like to do so in the future).

Available on the Free plan, too.

Extra tips

  1. Saving image designs from Canva to Publer directly

Let’s imagine this scenario:

You’re designing some amazing social media illustrations on Canva. Instead of saving them to your local storage and dragging them to Publer, all you need to do is:

  • Click the three dots on the top right corner of your dashboard
  • Search for Publer
  • Select the desired workspace you want to save the design to
  • Choose the correct file type (we highly recommend png as it has a higher quality)

Read through this piece to learn how to save Canva illustrations to Publer directly.

And that’s it! Once you open Publer and head to the Media Library, you can find the design already saved there!

If you need more IT support, you can reach out to Publer support and a representative will guide you on the process.

Importing designs directly is only Available in Argentum and Aurum plans.

A full Guide to Canva on Publer:
 How to Shape your Marketing Strategy


You can now create and schedule Pinterest Pins on Publer

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