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The All-New Explore Tab in Publer: Your One-Stop Shop for Content Ideas and Industry News

May 23, 2024

In today’s digital age, social media managers wear many hats. They’re content creators, community managers, and brand storytellers, all rolled into one. But under all the constant pressure to publish engaging content and manage multiple social media accounts, staying informed about current events and industry trends can often fall by the sidelines.

However, for social media managers, keeping a pulse on the latest news is crucial. Here’s why:

  • Newsjacking Opportunities: Current events and trending topics present fantastic opportunities for content creation, often referred to as “newsjacking.” By incorporating trending news into your social media strategy, you can create timely and relevant content that resonates with your audience and increases engagement.
  • Industry Insights: Keeping up with industry news allows you to stay ahead of the curve and understand the latest trends and developments within your niche. This knowledge can inform your content strategy and ensure you’re creating content that aligns with your audience’s evolving interests.
  • Building Brand Credibility: By consistently sharing reliable and relevant news, you establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry and demonstrate your brand’s awareness of current events. This builds trust and credibility with your audience.

Publer understands the challenges faced by social media managers, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce the all-new Explore Tab! This powerful new tab inside Publer streamlines the process of discovering trending news, staying up-to-date on your favorite RSS Feeds, and curating high-quality content for your social media channels.

News On The Explore Tab: A Streamlined Way to Stay Informed

Explore Tab

The new Publer Explore incorporates a completely revamped News section, designed to make it easier than ever to find the latest content relevant to your audience and brand. Here’s what you can expect:

Location-Based News

No longer are you limited to generic news feeds. With Explore, you can browse articles based on your specific country. This ensures you’re surfacing news that resonates with your local audience and aligns with their interests.

Categorized Content

News is now conveniently categorized into General, Business, Entertainment, Health, Science, Sports, and Technology. This allows you to quickly find articles relevant to your niche and target audience.

Advanced Search

News Advanced search

In search of a specific keyword or topic? Advanced search helps you narrow down your news hunt based on queries that search the internet for specific keywords that make information finding so much easier. 

Through advanced search, you can find news articles on specific timeframes and dates, on specific domains you love and trust, as well as in any language you’d like. Then you can naturally sort all articles by Relevance, Popularity, or Date.

Saving the query will allow you to get back to your curated feed each time you like.

Seamless Scheduling

Found a newsworthy article you want to share with your audience? The Explore page allows you to schedule the article directly to your social media platforms with just a few clicks. No more copying and pasting!

Bulk Scheduling Power

Publer takes content curation to the next level with the bulk scheduling functionality. Discovered multiple articles you want to share? Simply select them all and hit “use” to schedule them efficiently across your social media channels.

bulk scheduling

You can visit our Publer Help Center for a more detailed walkthrough on using the new News section and leveraging content recommendations.

RSS Feeds On The Explore Tab: Your Favorite Feature, Now Even Better and More Accessible

RSS Feeds on the Explore Tab

Publer’s RSS Feeds functionality has been a favorite among users for a long time, allowing you to stay updated with your favorite blogs, news websites, and industry publications, and more importantly, automatically use the new content to create and schedule social media posts. We’ve taken this functionality a step further by integrating it seamlessly into ‘Explore.’

Now, all your RSS Feeds are conveniently located within the Explore Tab, making it easier than ever to manage your subscriptions and discover new content from your favorite sources. Here’s how you can leverage the power of RSS Feeds within the Explore functionality:

Adding New RSS Feeds

To add a new RSS Feed, simply navigate to ‘Explore’ and click on the “Add RSS Feed” button. You’ll then be prompted to enter the RSS Feed URL of the website or publication you want to follow.

Most websites have an RSS feed available, and you can usually find the URL by looking for an RSS icon (an orange square with white radio waves) or a link labeled “RSS” or “Subscribe.” Publer’s Help Center article provides a detailed walkthrough on finding and adding RSS Feed URLs.

Adding an RSS Feed

Automating Your Workflow

One of the biggest advantages of using RSS Feeds in Publer is the ability to automate your content scheduling process. When you add a new RSS Feed, you can choose how you want Publer to handle the new content:

  • No Action: This option keeps the new articles organized within your RSS Feeds list, allowing you to manually review and schedule them at your convenience.
  • Auto-Post: With this option selected, any new article published on the website or blog will be automatically posted to your chosen social media accounts.
  • Auto-Schedule: This powerful feature lets you schedule new articles automatically, but gives you more control over the timing. You can set a specific posting schedule or choose a timeframe within which Publer will automatically schedule the new content for you.

Filtering for Efficiency

Filter RSS Feed

The improved interface allows you to filter your RSS Feed articles for optimal workflow management through ‘Used vs. Unused’. This filter helps you differentiate between articles you’ve already interacted with and those that are new and undiscovered.

Clicking on “Used” will show you only the articles you’ve previously scheduled or reviewed. And on the contrary, clicking on “Unused” will display all the new articles waiting for your attention.

By leveraging the power of RSS Feeds, you can streamline your content discovery process, stay updated on industry news, and curate high-quality content from your trusted sources – all within a centralized and user-friendly platform.

For a more in-depth exploration of using RSS Feeds within Publer, you can refer to our comprehensive Help Center articles on RSS feeds.

Explore, Discover, and Schedule: Take Your Content Creation to the Next Level

Explore Tab

The all-new Explore Tab in Publer is a game-changer for social media managers. It empowers you to streamline your content discovery process, stay informed about industry news, and curate high-quality content that keeps your audience engaged.

With Publer Explore, you can:

  • Discover trending content and news stories relevant to your audience and location.
  • Efficiently schedule articles directly to your social media platforms.
  • Manage all your RSS Feeds in one centralized location.

We encourage you to “explore” the new tab and discover the many ways it can help you elevate your social media content creation and management.

Here are some additional tips to get the most out of the Explore Tab:

Combine News and RSS Feeds – Explore the potential of combining both News and RSS Feeds to curate a well-rounded content mix. Leverage the categorized News section to find broader trending topics, and then use your RSS Feeds to dive deeper into specific industry news from your trusted sources.

Schedule in Advance – Take advantage of Publer’s scheduling functionalities to plan your social media content calendar in advance. By utilizing the Explore section to discover content, you can ensure a consistent flow of fresh and engaging posts without the last-minute scramble.

Stay Focused – The new tab offers a vast amount of content, so it’s important to stay focused on your target audience and brand niche. While exploring trending topics can be inspiring, prioritize content that aligns with your brand’s message and resonates with your audience’s interests.

The all-new ‘Explore’ is just one of the many ways Publer is committed to empowering social media managers. We hope this new feature helps you save time, stay informed, and create top-notch content that keeps your audience coming back for more.

And the best part? There are plenty of more updates to come! We want to create the ultimate tab inside Publer for content inspiration, ideas, and news, and this first version of Publer Explore is a step in the right direction.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Dive into the Explore Tab today and take your social media content creation to the next level!


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