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December 19, 2023
Twitter long posts

With big-name competitors like Threads making waves recently, Twitter is not afraid of competition, and it looks like its user base is not going away anytime soon, on the contrary.

With the Elon Musk takeover, the infamous X rename, and the expensive API pricing changes, Twitter has gone through a lot throughout the year, and it does not seem to be stopping. The platform is amid reinvention, and many Twitter features we’ve all come to love (or hate) during the decade are soon to be different.

One of the flagship features Twitter decided to break tradition is short Tweets.

While very convenient and quick for readers, many Twitter users felt that Tweets did not allow full creative expression. The character limit was seen, well, as a limit.

Twitter threads were a smart workaround for this. – so much actually that IG based a whole social media app on them. However, cutting your ideas into multiple short tweets was not ideal.

Enter Twitter long posts.

Long Tweets For Premium X Subscribers

One quick thing you need to know before getting into long posts is the Twitter Blue / X Premium subscriptions.

Long Tweets For Premium X Subscribers

Earlier in the year, the company introduced paid subscription fees for users wanting more from the platform, and it seems to be working. From badge verifications to premium tweet options and even no ads, Twitter users have plenty of reasons to continue paying and staying on the three levels of X Premium: Basic, Premium & Premium+.

One of the benefits of Twitter/X is, of course, long tweets.

The social media platform has made it possible for users to create long tweets that are up to 25,000 characters long, as long as they have a Twitter Blue / X Premium subscription.

Most standard functions of Tweeting still apply to long tweets, whether you want to post a picture, use a hashtag, or create a poll. You can also compose longer posts in a quote or reply. Everyone will be able to read & interact with longer tweets, but only Premium subscribers can create them.

“…but don’t worry, Twitter is still Twitter. we know longer Tweets could mean a lot of scrolling, so they’ll be capped at 280 characters on your timeline and you’ll see a “Show more” prompt to click and read the whole Tweet.” – @premium on Twitter

For now, longer Tweets on the web can’t be saved as drafts or scheduled to be sent later. And that’s where Publer comes in.

There is no API at the moment, that allows posting long tweets directly. However, with the help of a semi-automated system, you can now schedule and share long tweets through Publer. You will need to download the Publer App so you can share your long posts to Twitter via push notifications.

Schedule Twitter Long Posts with Publer

With Publer you can create tweets of up to 25,000 characters and have them scheduled on your preferred Twitter account. With the help of the Publer App and its notifications, you will then be reminded at the exact time to go to your Twitter App and hit “Publish”. Here’s the gist of it:

How to schedule long tweets with Publer:

  • Go to Publer.
  • Select the Twitter account and select the option to Long Post.
  • Design your long post to your liking and schedule it accordingly.
Schedule twitter long posts, long tweets with Publer

Similar to regular Twitter posts, you can add up to 4 photos, a GIF, or a video. Learn more in our guide about the post types and their limitations.

This means you will have finalized the first part of the scheduling process. Once the time comes, you will receive a push notification/reminder from the Publer mobile app, letting you know that your post is ready.

For this step to work, you need to make sure that you have turned on all your notifications from Publer. Learn more about that in our push notifications guide.

Finalize and publish long tweets:

  • Click on the notification on your phone sent by the Publer App. – This will lead you to your long post preview.
  • Click on Open on Twitter. – This will open the whole post on Twitter.
  • Make any last-minute changes and then publish the post.
Schedule twitter long posts

Keep in mind:

  • Long Tweets can contain up to 25,000 characters, as long as you have the X Premium subscription.
  • Publer won’t be able to gather insights, or sync posts, given the lack of an official API. However, you will always be able to find all the long posts you share on your Twitter account under the Posts > Posted tab.

And that’s essentially it! ✨

Creating and scheduling longer tweets is currently not supported by any social media scheduler, not even Twitter itself. That’s why we are so proud to have found a solution and still offer you the best of your Twitter scheduling experience. Until Twitter makes scheduling long tweets easier, we’ll have to rely on our Publer App to deliver scheduled long tweets right on time!

Until then, start expressing more – with Publer!

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