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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts with Publer

May 13, 2022
manage multiple social media accounts

Whether you’re a social media manager, an influencer, a business owner, or simply have a lot of social media accounts for yourself, managing them all can be tough work. Thankfully there are tools out there that can take the pressure and make managing multiple social media accounts a breeze. And that’s exactly what you can do with Publer.

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Why Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts is Difficult

If you’re part of a team or even an individual managing multiple accounts you already know how difficult it is. Take a minute to consider the process:

You spend time digging into your creativity for great content ideas.

You build out a content calendar.

You email your team and ask for feedback on the idea.

They don’t reply.

You chase them for feedback.

You get feedback.

You start making the content.

Your manager sends feedback.

You cry a bit.

You remake the content.

You add it to the calendar.

You publish it.

You start the process again.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it. And this isn’t just a one-off process. This is a day in, day out, every single day of your role. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Well, now consider that all of that is just for one account. That right there, that’s why it’s difficult to manage multiple social media accounts. 

Can the process be simpler? We think it can be, but only with a social media management tool that allows you to:

  • Connect accounts into one simple dashboard
  • Automatically schedule posts
  • Schedule posts in bulk
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Work right out of your browser

Allow us to explain.

The Easy Way to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

We’ve used the phrase social media management software a few times now. So what exactly is that? It is precisely what it says it is. It’s a tool that allows you to manage social media accounts all in one convenient place. They’re designed to save you time, resources, and money while streamlining the process of social media. 

Beyond that, they also give you access to powerful suites of analytics. With access to these metrics, you’re better able to see what works and what doesn’t. You can then take the ideas that work, refine them further, and inevitably see accelerated growth. You’re no longer taking a shot in the dark. Your social media accounts are backed with analytical data.

Publer is a social media management tool that solves all of the complexities and issues that arise when you’re managing many accounts. It’s a simple to access, straightforward to use productivity-increasing, time-saving, wonder kit!

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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts in 5 Steps

Imagine that you didn’t have access to a social media management tool. What features or tools would you ideally want it to have? Would you want to have everything in one place? Be able to upload content to one place rather than manually logging in? Maybe you don’t like to schedule your life around social media prime times to publish? It’s likely that you also want to have a suite of analytics at your fingertips too.

Connect All Your Accounts in 1 Dashboard

Logging into one place rather than 5-10 different websites at once is a quality of life improvement. It’s not only a time-saver but having the ability to switch seamlessly between accounts is an excellent opportunity to create some synergy across different platforms.

Publer allows you to do exactly that. Simply log in, connect each of your accounts, and voila! You’re working from one simple dashboard. It’s designed to be clean and clear. A place of zen to enable your creative juices to flow without hindrance. Everything is placed in one intuitive dashboard with all the key features (post creation, scheduling, etc) accessible in one click.

Write Unique Content for Each Social Media Platform

It will be tempting to start hammering those Ctrl, C, and V buttons, right? We’ve all been there but this isn’t going to be a good strategy for you. If you value your audiences on each channel you’ll understand that they all want different types of content. Your average Instagram scroller will want a different style to a Twitter enjoyer. These people, your audience, have taken the time to follow you, it’s only fair that you take the time to tailor your content and message appropriately.

Taking the audience out of the equation (which, by the way, you should never do), you’ll want your content to be seen, and the different platform algorithms work in different ways. What works well on Pinterest won’t work as well on Facebook. You’ll learn what works on each, and adapt your content to match it.

With Publer, you’re able to finetune settings based on account. Let’s say you want to use watermarks on Pinterest but not Instagram; that’s no problem. It’s all account-based settings. Adding content to an account, is as simple as a click of a button.

Create a Social Media Posting Schedule

One of the biggest time-savers in a social media management tool is the ability to schedule posts ahead of time. In Publer there are 4 different ways to schedule posts; manually, AutoSchedule, recycle, and recurring. 

Manually: You set the time and the date, and Publer posts the content. Simple.

AutoSchedule: Set up a posting schedule per account. Then Publer will automatically post content when the next window is reached.

Recycle: Covered below in further depth, recycle allows you to use previous content and post it again when you want.

Recurring: As you’d expect, this allows you to post content on a regular, recurring basis. Particularly useful if you want the same post to go out at, for example, the start of a month or on a day of the week.

Recycle and Repost Your Best Content

Filling up your content calendar is probably the hardest part of a social media manager’s job. It’s not quite as simple as reposting old content, that performed well. Instead, look to leverage the content that has been created by your users (UGC – User Generated Content). These could be testimonials, an interesting interaction, or a particular insightful reply, there are lots of options. What was a mere comment is now content on your calendar.

Social media posts don’t have a long shelf-life. In fact, the average is something around 15 minutes to 2 hours. Using Publer’s repost and recycle features allows you to increase the number of eyes that get onto your posts.

Track Social Media Performance of Each Account

Analytics is at the heart of a great social media management tool. In Publer, you have access to a comprehensive suite of analytical data. Each delivered on an account basis, you’re able to monitor growth across:

  • Followers
  • Talking about
  • Post Reach
  • Post Engagement
  • Link Clicks
  • Video Views

Not just that, you’re able to investigate the engagement levels on each individual post. The simple buttons, Go and Share allow you to do exactly that, Go to the post and share the post, all at the click of a button.

Workspaces in Publer

Collaborating in Workspaces on Publer’s platform is as smooth as it gets. You can add them by simply adding their email-linked accounts and then adding them to individual social media accounts. There are two core roles: Admin and Editor. Admins have access to absolutely everything. Editors can either be given the power to publish or have their posts require approval before posting. A great feature within Publer is that your team is able to either publish as themselves or as the main account.

Key Takeaways

Social media management is a breeze with the right tool. We’re not saying there’s still no hard work to put into it, but with Publer, at least you can work smarter, not harder. Don’t forget that there’s even a free version for you to explore with no obligation.

  • There’s more to social media management tools than simply scheduling.
  • Remember to tailor your posts to the platform and audience for maximum effect.
  • Pay attention to your analytics then adapt based on the data.

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