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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts With Publer

May 03, 2024
How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts With Publer

Creating accounts on social media platforms is a great way to build brand awareness online. However, this also means you’ll have to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously. This can be difficult to do effectively, especially if you have to create content, refine strategies, and engage with your audience while still maintaining quality.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to accomplish this: Publer! Today, we’ll explain the benefits and potential drawbacks of having multiple accounts, why they may be necessary for your business, and how you can manage them with our comprehensive tool. Let’s start!

3+ Key Benefits of Having Multiple Social Media Accounts

manage multiple social media accounts

Managing multiple social media accounts can benefit businesses and social media managers alike. From growing your brand to improving your marketing strategy, let’s go over the key benefits of having several accounts below.

#1. Refine Content Strategy

One of the best benefits of having multiple social media accounts is that you can experiment with content and posting strategies. Social media platforms have different algorithms for ranking content, so what works for one platform may not work for the other.

For example, if your short-form video doesn’t generate much engagement on Instagram, you can try posting it on Facebook or TikTok to see if it achieves better results there. If not, the short-form content format may not resonate with your audience, allowing you to make the necessary changes to your content strategy.

#2. Address Customer Complaints Efficiently

Any social media manager or business owner knows that prompt responses are crucial for a brand’s image online. However, it can be difficult to address all complaints while still posting consistently. In fact, customer queries can take over the feed and bury all your valuable content.

One benefit of having multiple social media accounts is that you can separate general posts from customer reviews, ensuring that your content stays visible. Additionally, a dedicated profile for customer concerns will leave a positive impression on your followers and show them that the business cares about their problems. This is where a social media agency can really come in handy, helping you manage multiple accounts effectively and keep everything running smoothly.

#3. Improve Online Reach

A social media profile is the first step to establishing your business’ presence online. However, each platform caters to a different demographic, so relying on only one site can limit your reach. Having 3 to 5 social media accounts is ideal for significant brand growth. 

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are popular choices for new brands, but it’s also important to consider your audience’s main demographic when making an account. Implementing social media best practices, such as maintaining consistent branding and engaging with your audience at optimal times, can significantly enhance your social media strategy. What social media sites do they use based on their age, gender, or educational level? Knowing this information can help you decide which platforms your business needs.

#4. Utilize Different Content Formats

Managing multiple social media accounts allows you to take advantage of the content formats on each platform. Some social media sites have unique content types, like YouTube with long-form video content, LinkedIn with professional-themed posts, and Pinterest with primarily visual content.

These offer a different way of engaging with your audience that isn’t possible on any other platform. For example, Twitter/X is great for conversing with your audience. Meanwhile, TikTok’s more laid-back and relatable approach can help you create a sense of community among your followers.

Different content formats

How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts With Publer

Managing multiple social media accounts can be tricky. Ensuring that each profile has an active and relevant feed while manually keeping track of what you post on each platform will take up a lot of time and effort. Plus, if you’re managing social media accounts for clients, you may end up posting content on the wrong feed.

Fortunately, there are tools you can use to manage multiple accounts on different platforms with ease. Publer, for instance, is an all-in-one social media management app that can solve the complexities and issues that arise when you have multiple accounts.

Let’s look at some useful strategies you can use when managing multiple social media accounts.

#1. Come up With a Social Media Strategy

Trends, app features, and even algorithms can change rapidly, so having a clear social media strategy is essential to achieving your goals on different platforms.

Your strategy should include data about your target audience, the social media platform you’ll be using, and your objectives. This information will help you stay on track with your content and branding and avoid becoming overwhelmed by sudden changes on social media.

For instance, if your current objective is to attract more millennial followers, take a look at the most popular social media site for that demographic. Then, research what topics are interesting for your audience. This way, you can create relevant content while still maintaining your brand’s voice.

#2. Create a Content Plan

Content planning makes it easier to manage multiple social media accounts. It helps you tailor the content you post on different social media platforms, which can improve your appeal to the target audience. For brands and businesses, this means having a balance of curated and original content by following the 5:3:2 rule.

Curated content consists of posts from other sources that are highly relevant to your industry and audience. These are great for saving time on content creation while ensuring high engagement rates. When curating content, consider including some personal thoughts that add value to the existing post, as this will establish your brand’s credibility.

Original content, on the other hand, is content that you create for your brand. This can be a video series on TikTok, a catchy post on Instagram, or an infographic on Facebook. With original content, the goal is to create interesting posts that promote your brand and engage your audience.

#3. Use Publer as the Ultimate Tool to Manage Social Media Accounts

As we mentioned earlier, using a social media management tool can help you avoid the common challenges that come with managing multiple social media accounts. But with Publer, you can do so much more, such as:

  • Connect and manage profiles on 12 different social media sites.
  • Bulk-create and schedule content months in advance.
  • Utilize powerful social media analytics.
  • Curate content across different accounts to maintain consistent branding.
  • Save time by recycling top-performing posts.
  • Easily collaborate with your team when managing multiple brands.

You can also access all these amazing features on your phone for easy social media management, even on the go.

#4. Combine All Your Social Media Profiles

Logging into one place rather than 5-10 different websites at once improves quality of life. It’s not only a time saver, but having the ability to switch seamlessly between accounts is an excellent opportunity to create some synergy across different platforms.

Publer allows you to do exactly that. Simply log in, link all your social media accounts, and voila! You’re working from one simple dashboard where you can see all scheduled posts across different social media platforms. This ensures a more organized posting schedule and uniformity in the content that you post online.

#5. Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Social media calendars help you stay organized, which can be difficult to do when managing multiple social media accounts. Not to be confused with a content plan, a content calendar shows the exact schedule for all the posts in your content plan. This means you can strategize better, capitalize on holidays or events, and ensure error-free content.

With Publer’s integrated social media calendar, you can easily manage posts from all platforms. Each post has an icon that displays its current status so you can see what has been posted and what will be posted in the coming weeks. It also displays all national, international, and awareness holidays on the calendar, so you won’t miss out on any posting opportunities.

#6. Use Automation Features

Automatic scheduling is another great feature Publer offers. With a content plan and calendar already in place, all you need to do is create and schedule content in bulk, and you’re all set for the month.

Our tool also boasts excellent AI tools that can automate your content creation process. With a simple click, you can create unique visual content and generate captions and hashtags. You can even automate comments to encourage users to interact with your post, which will make it easier to maintain engagement across all social media accounts

#7. Choose the Best Time to Post

When managing multiple social media accounts, it’s important to know when to post on each platform for high visibility and engagement. You can use the best times to post on social media as a guide, but over time, you’ll be able to determine your unique peak hours based on audience activity.

With Publer, this information is readily available on our Best Times to Post graph. We collect all the data from your posts and use it to learn when your audience is most active on each social media platform.

Now, if most of your engagements happen at midnight or early in the morning, you can easily use Publer scheduling to publish posts during those times.

#8. Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling your posts ahead of time is one of the biggest time-savers in social media management, especially when you have to do it for multiple accounts. To make content scheduling even better, Publer offers four different ways to schedule your posts: Manually, AutoSchedule, Recycle, and Recurring.

  • Manually. You can set the time and date for your post, and Publer will publish the content.
  • AutoSchedule. Set up a posting schedule per account. Then Publer will automatically post content when the next window is reached.
  • Recycle. Covered below in further depth, recycle allows you to use previous content and post it again when you want.
  • Recurring. This allows you to post content on a regular, recurring basis, which is particularly useful if you want the same post to go out at, for example, the start of a month or on a day of the week.

#9. Use Templates to Create Your Content

Consistent branding is important, especially when managing multiple social media accounts. One way to ensure that you have the same aesthetic across all your posts is by using templates. This not only saves time but also makes it easier to post quality content more consistently.

With Publer, you can access Canva right on the platform, so you can easily create and schedule templated posts.

#10. Use Publer to Make Collaboration Easy

When working with a team to manage multiple social media accounts, you can utilize Publer workspaces to facilitate collaboration. You can give your members access by simply adding their email-linked accounts to individual social media accounts. Your team can then publish posts as themselves or as the main account.

There are two core roles on the platform: Admin and Editor. Admins have access to absolutely everything. Editors can either be given the power to publish or have their posts require approval before posting.

#11. Analyze The Results & Adjust

Analytics is at the heart of a great social media management tool. In Publer, you have access to a comprehensive suite of analytical data. With each delivered on an account basis, you’re able to monitor growth across:

  • Followers
  • “Talking about”
  • Post reach
  • Post engagement
  • Link clicks
  • Video views

You can also review the engagement levels on each individual post and refine your social media strategy as needed.

#12. Repurpose Content

Filling up your content calendar is probably the hardest part of a social media manager’s job. It’s not quite as simple as reposting old content that performed well. Instead, look to leverage the content created by your users (UGC – User-Generated Content) and repurpose it on different platforms. These could be testimonials, interesting interactions, or a particular insightful reply—there are lots of options.

Social media posts don’t have a long shelf life. In fact, the average is around 15 minutes to 2 hours. Using Publer’s Repost and Recycle features allows you to increase the visibility of your posts.

How to use repurposing to manage multiple social media accounts

Does Your Business Need Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Your business may need multiple social media accounts if it has different locations, caters to different audiences, or offers a varied product range. Let’s discuss these further below.

  • Variety of products. If your business sells a range of varied products, such as clothing for men and women or activewear and regular clothing, you may need multiple accounts so you can promote each type more effectively.
  • Different audiences. Knowing how to market and engage each demographic is crucial for success when dealing with different audiences. Some brands adapt their content and personality on different platforms, such as being more professional on Facebook, where the main audience is older, and being more creative on TikTok to appear relatable to the younger market.
  • Several locations. If your business has several locations, managing multiple social media accounts will help you appeal to a local audience. For instance, fast food chains in different countries will have to be mindful of cultural and regional differences.

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Potential Drawbacks of Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

Despite having many benefits, managing multiple social media accounts can also have some drawbacks, such as:

  • Being time-consuming. Without a social media marketing platform, managing all your social media profiles will require a significant amount of time and effort.
  • Carrying a higher risk of errors. It’s easier to make mistakes, such as typos and wrong links, when manually posting content on different platforms. You may also miss out on each app’s unique features and hashtag opportunities.
  • Causing audience confusion. Having multiple accounts can sometimes confuse your audience, especially if you haven’t started posting content yet. One way to avoid this is to be clear about the purpose of the account as well as your branding on that specific platform.

If you want to avoid all these issues and manage multiple social media accounts with ease, wait no more—sign up on Publer and start scheduling your content more quickly and efficiently!

Key Takeaways

  • Managing multiple social media accounts can help your business reach a wider audience and publish more diversified content for better engagement. 
  • It also allows you to experiment with your content strategy and address complaints more efficiently.
  • Using Publer can help you manage multiple social media accounts effectively, and it’s also important to establish a clear social media strategy and content plan. 
  • Other things to remember include posting at the best times, using templates for content creation, and utilizing profile analytics.
  • Having multiple social media accounts may be necessary if your business operates in several locations, offers different products or services, or caters to a diverse audience.
  • Some drawbacks of having multiple social media accounts include a higher risk of errors when posting, audience confusion, and more time-consuming social media management.

Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts FAQ

How do I keep track of all my social media accounts?

The best way to keep track of all your social media accounts is to use a social media management platform like Publer. Our tool allows you to connect and manage multiple accounts from different social media sites in one app.

How many accounts can a social media manager handle?

Realistically, social media managers can handle 8-10 accounts. Any more than that can increase the risk of mistakes. If you want to take on more clients and maintain the quality of service, consider using Publer to streamline and automate some parts of social media management.

How do I manage multiple Instagram accounts?

You can manage multiple Instagram accounts by switching between your profiles on the Instagram app. However, if you want an easier and more effective way to do so, consider using social media management tools like Publer.

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