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Working on Publer is Now Even Easier! Workspaces & New Layout Upgrades

October 10, 2022
Publer New Workspaces & Layout

We get it. You’re busy.

Too busy to wander around our platform, hoping to land on the correct settings page.

Too busy to keep track of all your team members and social accounts – AND continue scheduling.

With so much to do, your socials must rely on a quick & effective Publer.

That’s how we become busy too.

We are always looking for new ways to make Publer a more intuitive, faster, and more enjoyable platform. Now counting +130,000 active users, we believe Publer has outgrown its initial platform terminology and UI.

And we’re excited to show you what’s new!

New Publer Workspaces and Layout

New Layout Changes

If you entered your Publer account recently, you might have noticed the UI of the platform looks a bit different than usual.

Publer Loading Screen

Yes, we had it tweaked a bit to better complement your workflow. Don’t worry; the changes are primarily in design. Everything you love about Publer is still there.

However, we believe a great product must focus on a well-thought-out UI/UX design

For months, our UI/UX team has been analyzing our users’ needs, closely imitating their behavior, and eventually coming up with intuitive changes to the design of our interface. 

The main goal is to create a welcoming environment that will make mundane tasks quicker and content inspiration easier for all users.

The new UX changes will allow us to further optimize customer lifetime value, deliver meaningful user experiences, and remain relevant to actual users over time. 

The New and Improved Publer Layout

That is why we designed a completely new layout for our platform.

Guided by the UX Research and Laws for the new layout, we decided to place the top-tier categories in more accessible places that help users navigate through Publer easily, increase findability and decrease interaction cost.

We created a new sidebar and primary header, which will be visible on all screens across the platform, and the page navigation bar, which will be visible only when needed.

New UI/UX changes in Workspaces at Publer

The new sidebar has all the main features you usually use at Publer: From the Composer to the Calendar, Media Library to Analytics, and RSS Feeds & Content Curation.

What is worth noting is the new way to reach and manage your Workspaces (yes, we changed that from “teams”). You can easily manage all your accounts and Workspace members directly from your sidebar with simple clicks.

Similar to the sidebar but horizontal, the primary header has quick access to all your Workspaces (you can switch between or even create new ones), Help Center, Notifications, and all Your Account‘s main settings.

New layout changes Publer's new header

More Space, Fewer Distractions

While now everything is much easier to find and get used to, there is also a very positive side effect to all these layout changes:

You know have much more space to work on!

The collapsible sidebar allows for a much more decluttered and clean Workspace, which translates to more screen real estate and fewer distractions in your daily work with Publer.

Let’s take a look at the new full-screen calendar, for example. Isn’t it much better to have an uninterrupted, bird-eye view of your work throughout the month?

Full-screen Calendar View | Publer new UI/UX Changes

Introducing Workspaces

For years businesses have been relying on “teams” to organize their Publer accounts and social channels. Creating, managing & switching teams within Publer was an excellent way for you to collaborate with other members on your socials. And the process was pretty easy.

Well, we’ve made that easier.

Why the name change?

A“Team” just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Not for big enterprises that rely heavily on interdisciplinary collaborations to create, approve, and schedule content.

Not for freelancers that single-handedly juggle multiple clients at once.

Not even for marketing agencies that need agile solutions for quick and intuitive collaborations between Publer accounts.

That is why we restructured “Team Collaborations” to give it a new face and a new name:


“Workspaces” is not just a fancy new name, though. It is a fresh way of looking at collaborations within Publer.

Managing Workspaces in Publer

Getting started with Workspaces

If you manage more than one client, brand, or project, you can create multiple Workspaces within Publer. This way, you can keep track of the workflow, and everything will be organized exactly how you need it to work.

If you’re new to Publer, right after creating your account, you will be directed to a quick and easy onboarding process to make your first Workspace. There you can start to immediately connect your social accounts and then invite members. You can find more information on the Workspace creation process here.

Creating a new Workspace in Publer

Managing Workspaces

Through Workspaces, you can collaborate with invited members on specific social accounts while quickly being able to switch spaces. We’ve designed a new way for you to switch between your Workspaces or even create new ones. You can do that directly from your Workspace menu at the top right corner of your dashboard. You are now working on an entirely different Workspace in a few simple clicks.

Switching Workspaces in Publer. New UI/UX. Layout Changes

The Future of Workspaces

Soon Workspaces will host more than just your team collaborators and social accounts. We’re working on new Workspace functionalities and features beyond internal team dynamics. It is not about teams of admins and editors anymore. Publer is expanding rapidly, and big things are coming our way.

And as we said, a “Team” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The full Desktop video tutorial

Try Publer today!

If you were on the fence about using Publer as your social media scheduler, we hope these new updates might have changed your mind.

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