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Launching Media Library on Publer: Ultimate Media Organizer

September 17, 2020
Media Library Illustration

Update: *Canva integration is available to all users, regardless of the plans they have (scroll to the bottom for more info). You can import media from Google Drive, Dropbox, and the Unsplash photo library – everything from one single dashboard.

Media Library on Publer is the new visual content space on the platform, where you can easily add, drag&drop, and sync photos, videos, and Gifs.

Keeping media organized is a very important thing for a smooth workflow. Regardless of the brand’s niche, each team needs to have a nice visual content library.

The Media Library’s flexibility – a MUST to each brand.

media library on publer

Starting from now, every user on Publer can view and interact with the Media Library, which is the common visual content space for all team members.

Media Library on Publer allows everyone to add new photos, videos, and Gifs one by one, or in bulk. It displays all the media, labels, and filter options for easy use.

Every user can browse media, while they’re creating a new post, or from the Media Library. No more going back and forth to finding the right photos, videos, of Gifs you want to schedule for the next social media posts.

browsing media
This is how a user can browse media while creating a new post

Media Library is displayed in the Grid or List view. The difference between them is that the list view is a detailed view of all media, but still, both of them display media which are clickable to make modifications.

Regardless of the view that the user chooses, media orientations are shown properly. Off to posting to Pinterest? Simply click or search for the Portrait image and start creating a new Pin.

The list view contains more data related to each media, such as:

  • The name given to the media
  • Labels: keywords that help categorize and easily find media
  • Comments, that help memorize extra details regarding a media
  • Date the media has been imported to Publer and its type 

media library on publer
Media Library on Publer

Users can add labels to all the photos, videos, and Gifs in the Media Library. That, because labels help organize, categorize, and provide an easy search for a later use.

Tip: Always use keywords that are easy to remember for you to filter. Add multiple labels to each media, so they can be found faster when you search for them.

Media Library on Publer is team-specific, so every team member can view, add, delete, use, and search all the media that’s in the Media Library. It is highly suggested to leave notes to each photo, video, or Gif, so all team members can find the ones that belong to them, are ready for use, or the date they must be scheduled for.

team collaboration on publer

It’s a new era of team collaboration on Publer!

When a team has imported tons of media to the library, it is necessary to filter the ones a user needs. That’s why, every media can be filtered by:

  • Type- All Media; Photo; Gif; Video
  • Usage- Used; Unused
  • Favorites

media library on publer
This is how a user can filter by type on Media Library

So, what else is new?

Whether the users want to schedule, add labels, delete, or mark as favorite a single photo post, or in bulk, they can do it! How?

A new menu will show up at the bottom right corner of the platform, as soon as the user selects more than one media. Decide the preferred action button between the ones mentioned above. Whichever action button you choose will apply to all the media you’ve selected.

A quick and easy tip: Mark as favorite all the desired media and simply click Favorite on top right corner to display the ones you just starred.

A pop-up menu will show at the bottom right corner as soon as the users selects more than one media

You can also save a photo/video right from the Media Library to your device (desktop/smartphone). The resolution won’t change.

What happens in Publer, stays in Publer

Every user can bulk import, label, mark as favorite, delete, and use media. Anyway, Publer will ask everyone whether they want to use the media on a single post, or multiple ones. In case users go for ‘Single Post‘, a pop-up warning table will show, letting everyone know they can’t mix photos, videos, and Gifs within the same post.

View, import, and use images, videos, and Gifs within the new Media Library, regardless of your role in team.

* Canva can be used by everyone, regardless of their subscription (free or paid). Every Free Plan user can automatically save Canva designs to their Media Library on Publer (up to 20 free trials). Free Plan users can’t start modifying their Canva designs after the first design they save from their Canva profile. To learn more, check out this guide on how to save Canva illustrations to Publer.

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