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How to Import Media on Publer (GDrive, Dropbox, and Unsplash)

September 24, 2020

Did you know that you can import media on Publer from various resources?

Some extra resources have been added to the latest feature on Publer – Media Library.

Starting today, you can search, view, add, and store media from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Unsplash. Populating social media posts has never been easier on Publer.

import media on publer

Publer’s media library upgrade allows everyone to import more media, just as easy as before. Except for the Desktop and URLs, now you can grab some new media (one by one or in bulk) right from your favorite media-storage platform.

In order to create an attractive feed on social media, you need to collect rich and high-quality visuals. That’s why we’re thrilled to add 3 major media storage options for you to connect to Publer.

Manage the time smartly by bulk-importing and using all media that you need from your Google Drive and Dropbox account, and quick-searching on Unsplash, right from Publer’s dashboard. When planning your content, integrating resources from Google Drive alongside other Google marketing tools can further streamline your workflow.

Publer's media library

Let’s see how you can build another online presence!

Collect media from Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular media/file storage platform. Everyone can add tons of photos, videos, Gifs, files (Sheets, Docs, Forms, etc.), and also, organize them into specific folders.

As soon as you connect your Google Drive account to Publer, make sure to move out of the respective folders, all the media that you want to import.

Publer won’t have access to folders on Google Drive.

import media on publer
Import media on Publer from Google Drive

Collect media from Dropbox

Dropbox is another powerful media-storage platform and over 500 million people are using it. That’s for a strong reason, right?

Well, Dropbox, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the safest platform to store docs and media, and it’s famous for the simple and fast synchronization. It will always have your back when you’re online.

Based on the importance and usage, Publer now provides easy access to Dropbox and you can import every photo and video quickly.

Click – Connect – Collect 

collect media from dropbox
Import media on Publer from Dropbox

Collect media from Unsplash

Surf through the Unsplash photo library to find unique photos for your media library on Publer. And if you’re wondering – Yes, for FREE.

Every photo you import from Unsplash will receive the main information, such as the photographer’s name and the link which if clicked, sends you to the post on Unsplash’ site.

You can decide to attribute the photographer which is always appreciated, although it’s not required from Unsplash or the photographer him/herself.

Unsplash reveals a pool of options and you can easily search for any kind of photo orientation or color.

If you click on a photo you will be able to see all the photo details and select the proper ones.

import media on publer
Search, add, and import high-quality images from Unsplash

Keep in mind:

– There’s no limit to the number of media you import from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Unsplash.
– You can decide to import media on Publer one by one, or in bulk, on each respective media-storage platform mentioned above.

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