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Benefit from the Visual Composer Improvements on Publer

July 09, 2020

Updated: June 3rd, 2021. LinkedIn increased the total number of characters allowed per post from 1300 to 3000.

Exactly what it sounds like – an improved habitat to curate posts and improve the online presence!

Publer drag and drop composer

New composer on Publer

Publer owns an intuitive and responsive composer that helps create posts per all social accounts a user adds.

The new updated composer is not created from scratch, but its performance is more powerful and useful.

The goal was to modernize the tools that are already implemented to Publer and we DID IT.

Bold and Italic text formatting

In case you’re curating a social media post and want to specify one or a group of words so that everyone understands the meaning, you’re going to love these new options.

According to, people read up to 250 words per minute (mostly) but in order to enjoy the reading and acquire more information, it must be done slowly. 

Most people avoid the reading part, especially when there are no new rows, enough spaces, or emojis.

To skip all of these tiring processes and finally provide yourself some time-saving strategies to attract customers’ attention, this is where the text format tags respectively bold and italic, come in handy.

Here’s a list of advantages when using these formatting tags:

  • They work as headings. This way people know exactly whether they want to keep on reading about a specific topic or not.
  • People take more time into focusing. If clear enough, bolded titles will slow down people’s reading speed and focus more on the meaning.
  • They boost SEO. There are a lot of useful keywords you could use to serve your customers better.

Post writing and editing

Character limits – New Highlighted Warning

Every social network has its own rules when it comes to character limits. Respectively, Twitter only allows up to 280 characters, Instagram allows 2200 characters, Linkedin 3000, and Pinterest 500.

Having these details in mind, we at Publer have already made the proper modifications in order to show highlighted texts as soon as you surpass the character limit on each social account.

The highlighted texts will be shown in red and you will be able to know when to stop, what to remove, and how to post a new caption accordingly.


Drag & Drop

Every tool and feature on Publer is easy to spot and there’s no need to lose time to find out what the small icons are used for.

Here comes the newest update, which helps all the users to add photos and videos in a blink of an eye. We love drag & drop, and now we have built a fresh new interface to ease the process even more.

Drag and drop anywhere in the stylish, fast, and reliable dashboard.

Drag and drop dashboard

All for one and one for all

This is our new (not authentic) motto to live by.


Everyone can mention other Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts right from the dashboard. It works exactly like on each social network where you can mention other pages, by typing @ on the dashboard, start writing the name of the page or account and select among the options. Easy as 1,2,3.

As soon as you mention a page or account on Publer, you will be able to see the blue and bolded text, so you can easily distinguish the mentioned profile/account just like it happens on Twitter.

Mentioning a page


We can take advantage of the hashtags, in order to extend the reach on a social network.

The new #hashtag display is exactly the same as the mentions, blue and bolded. All you have to do is type the ‘#’ icon and start writing the desired hashtag. Hashtags on Publer aren’t clickable and there’s no limit on how many of them you can use.

Pro information and tips:

  • According to, posts with 1 or 2 hashtags averaged 593 interactions, while other posts with 3+ dropped in engagement.
  • According to, you should use up to 2 hashtags on Twitter to reach the maximum audience (depending on the right #hashtags).

Hashtags display


On Publer, you can also add links to the caption. Once you type the whole link (i.e, you will automatically get a blue and bolded text (which is unclickable on the dashboard) just like on Twitter. Its thumbnail will appear right below the post (in case you haven’t attached another photo or video yet).

Unlike the older display which was simply a text like every other part of the caption, the link will now be visible.

New link display


Isn’t it tiring to write a phone number, email or a bunch of hashtags every single time you create new posts for your social media accounts?

This is where the shortcodes come in handy. You can create simple shortcut names and add the desired values. When you are about to create new posts on Publer, all you have to do is write two curly brackets “{{“ and select among the options.

Its new display is now highly visible, as it will be highlighted in a light blue color, so you know perfectly well where the shortcodes’ value is located.


New Emoji Picker

Easier than ever, you can now select the desired emoji only by writing a colon (:) on the composer. You will be able to surf through them only by writing the proper texts and selecting the preferred option among the multiple ones the narrow down list.

Emojis are very popular worldwide. They are highly recommended when you are curating a social media post. They showcase a specific emotion that is quite hard to be expressed with words.

Except for the built-in emoji picker on the composer, you will have now a faster tools to pick your favorite emojis. There are multiple social networks, where you can’t even search the desired one by typing the word (as in Facebook).


Right to Left Writing System

We’re proud of our diverse community and want to make sure they all feel comfortable when using the composer on the platform. This is why starting from today Publer supports the Right to Left writing system!

The right to left writing is similar to handwriting and there are no capital letters. Although they have their own rules and each letter of the Arabic alphabet (i.e) has 4 or fewer shapes, one of them determining the capital.

There are a lot of differences between the English writing and the Arabic, Jewish, Kurdish, Persian, etc. ones, rather it’s regarding the grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation, but none of these impacts the full integration of the respective writing systems.

composer in arabic
Composer in Arabic

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